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Ear Pinning

ear pinProtruding ears can be a source of embarrassment for children and adults alike. Most patients are children aged between four and fourteen. When dealing with children, it is critical to find a surgeon with paediatric experience who understands the delicate nature of children’s facial features and can help alleviate any concerns.

For adults, there is often even more anxiety because of the years of built up embarrassment. Thankfully, the surgery is relatively straightforward and recovery is usually short.

Your expectations need to be realistic. The procedure is used to improve, not perfect, ears. Most patients are thrilled with the results of ear surgery, but do not expect both ears to match perfectly because total symmetry is unlikely to be achievable and would look unnatural.

What To Expect 

How Long the Procedure Takes

Routine ear surgery lasts approximately two hours. Most patients are mobile within a few hours and some choose to stay overnight in hospital, however this is not a requirement


Skin and cartilage are removed from behind the ears, following which they are then sculpted to bend back toward the head. Stitches may be used to help maintain the new shape with the incision marks cleverly concealed in the natural crease behind the ear. An alternative technique where no cartilage is removed, uses stitches to fold the exposed cartilage back on itself and so reshape the ear. Again, the stitches are concealed in the natural crease behind the ear.


A full head bandage will be used to support your ears in their new position for seven to ten days. Your ears may throb a little for a few days, however this will be relieved with medication. Stitches are usually removed, or will dissolve, in about a week.

The recovery time is fairly short for this procedure; most adults can go back to work around five days after surgery. Children can go back to school after seven days or so, however care must be taken when in the playground for obvious reasons.

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