Do You Have A Hip Dip?

A hip dip is the inward curve that sits on each side of the hip just below the hip bone.

hip dip

A hip dip is also known as ‘violin hips’ due to the hips irregular appearance. On some people, a hip dip is more prominent, whereas on others the hips are smoother.

Some people deem hip dips as unattractive as they can sometimes accentuate the fat on the hip bones.

Many people strive for a smooth hourglass shape and having a hip dip can set this off balance. Some find that having this concave space between the hip bone is a nuisance as it can interfere with the style of some clothes.

Can you get rid of the hip dip?

People harbour fat in different areas, and some people may even find that burning the fat directly on the hips actually accentuates the appearance of the indents. You’re more likely to notice the indents if your hips are high and wide which causes a depression between the hip bone and thigh bone.

hip dip

On others, a muffin top or love handles can exacerbate the look. If this is the case, then targeting the fat that develops on the hip bones may slightly minimise the appearance of the dip. You can also build up muscle in the gluteus medius to help fill out the dents though this doesn’t necessarily work for everybody.

Surgery for hip dips

The appearance can be improved by a number of non-surgical and surgical techniques. A fat transfer / Liposuction method could also be an option to transfer fat from the hips and re-insert it into the indentations, however, some of the fat will be reabsorbed by the body.