Side effects of Botox that you might not know about

Botox has roughly 20 uses and many benefits aside from diminishing the appearance of wrinkles including: reducing hyperhidrosis, helping alleviate migraines and even to reduce the size of the jaw; but did you know about these side effects?

Botox can exaggerate the bone structure

Some find that this side effect comes as a pleasant surprise, whereas others aren’t as pleased. As the Botox smooths out the skin on the forehead, it can make the skull appear more prominent. According to research on facial attractiveness, a large forehead increases attractiveness and is a characteristic of a youthful appearance.

Under eye bags

A reported side effect from many Realself users is the development of under eye bags or wrinkles after Botox for crow’s feet. Some Doctors believe this is due to the relaxation of the orbicularis muscle. Usually, a practitioner will be able to identify whether you could be susceptible to this side effect so you can choose whether to address the crow’s feet in exchange for this side effect.

Less spots

Botox is currently undergoing trials as to whether it can be FDA approved for treating acne. Currently, treating Botox for acne is “off label”. In the same way that Botox treats hyperhidrosis, Botox can be used to block the sweat glands in acne prone areas, thereby reducing oily spot breakouts.

Smaller calves

Again, Botox for this use is not FDA approved, and so patients should be weary in choosing their practitioner for this method. Favourable among Asian patients, the calf muscles can be skilfully injected to relax and reduce the size of the muscles. Over 100 units of Botox are injected into each leg, and the muscles must be injected extremely carefully to avoid interference with the normal functions for the muscles in this area.