Why men are turning to non-surgical solutions

Did you know cosmetic surgery figures have dropped by 40% since 2015? Though Cosmetic surgery is still booming, there’s a simple explanation for its decline…

Why non-surgical procedures among men are on the rise

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Less risk, less pain and less downtime

Dr Yannis believes that surgery should always be a last resort. As technology has advanced so much, non-surgical solutions can sometimes be more suitable for an ageing concern than a surgical solution. They are also more practical because they do not require downtime and the patient suffers less. In some cases, the results are also instantaneous and so fits in better with the patient’s lifestyle.

Results that replicate surgery

Dr Yannis quotes “The technology behind non-surgical procedures is constantly advancing and so the results that can be achieved are definitely worth considering”. For example, Botox can virtually eradicate forehead lines and requires no downtime. It’s an ideal solution for those that are afraid of going under the knife or do not yet require surgery. There are also non-surgical treatments such as the soft thread lift which can replicate the results of a facelift without the invasive surgery.

Stress of modern day life

A common complaint from male patients that visit 111 Harley St. is that whilst they do not feel tired, they are continuously told how tired they look.  Ageing factors can make us look more tired than we really are… signs like hooded eyelids and a dull complexion are also worsened by the stresses of everyday life such as managing a work/life balance, and external aggressors like pollution and poor diets.

Career prospects

Men are continuing to stay in the workplace for longer, retiring later than they used to. As a result they are competing year on year with younger people in the workforce. Some men may turn to anti-ageing solutions to look more fresh and vibrant in fear that their careers may suffer.