Did you know, some breast implants glow in the dark?

glow in the dark

As with any surgery, patients are often never fully aware of all the weird and wonderful side effects. Despite extensive reading and research, you might not know that some breast implants glow in the dark…


There are a number of things that you may not know about breast implants. In fact, here are a number of posts in relation to things you might expect or would want to know in relation to breast implants:


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Little did you know, there are several other surprising facts about breast augmentation surgery that you might not be aware of. These include:


Breast implants can glow in the dark


Some patients have discovered a surprising revelation about their breasts… when shining a torch or light through the breasts; the silicone implants illuminate red and effectively glow in the dark. Whilst we cannot vouch for all breast augmentation surgeries, it seems that if the breast implants are particularly large, the skin becomes thinner and more stretched causing them to glow in the dark. However, if you’re wondering… the implants will not glow in the dark in a florescent manner when in UV light.


You might gain weight after the surgery


The weight of the implant itself can be around 1 pound or more. Depending on the size of the breast implants you go for, you might find that the implants will actually increase your weight by a couple of pounds. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t mean that you will gain fat and you will not have gained weight in the traditional sense. Your fat will not have increased due to the surgery.


You might not have to pay for your breast enlargement


Don’t be fooled…not just anyone can have a free breast enlargement. In extenuating circumstances, some patients may be able to have breast enlargements on the NHS. If a psychiatrist determines that you are suffering from severe psychological distress due to the shape or size of the pre existing breasts, you may be considered for surgery. This usually occurs when the breasts are severely undeveloped, oversized, are causing pain or severe asymmetry.