A patient’s experience of Liposonix

Liposonix is said to help you lose one dress size in one treatment, but is the treatment really worth it? Patient Emma decided to have Liposonix for the abdominal area and shared her experience with us.

Emma’s experience of Liposonix

Is it painful?

The higher the setting the more effective the treatment is, so the patient will start at the highest setting and decrease if the patient finds the pain too intense. Of course, if the setting is lowered the pain will be more tolerable. On a scale of 1 to 10, Emma described the worst pain at around 8 on the highest setting and a 6 for the most bearable. She found that the treatment was made more tolerable with the use of a cooling spray which was sprayed after each pulse.

How would you describe the pain?

Emma described the pain as a sharp and intense heat and shock. The treatment is performed in sections, and for each square that is worked on there were three pulses delivered.

How long did the treatment take?

On this particular occasion, the treatment took around 1 hour. It would take less time if the patient required less ‘breathing time’ between the sections. For example, if the patient is finding the treatment painful, the aesthetic nurse will provide the opportunity for the patient to take time to recover from the last shock and recuperate and prepare themselves for the next section.

Did you experience bruising?

Emma did experience significant swelling for roughly two weeks after the treatment. She said that she also found the area quite sensitive for around 1 month after the Liposonix. Some patients experience no bruising at all whereas for others it is much worse. The extent of the bruising varies from patient to patient.

Was the treatment worth it?

The patient was measured before and after the treatment and had instantly lost 2cm around the stomach area. For this reason, Emma said that she thought the positives outweighed the negatives because she had struggled in the past to lose weight in this area. Fat in this area is known as subcutaneous fat and is notoriously difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. Emma had embarked on a strict exercise and diet regime a year prior to the treatment but like many others experienced difficulty shifting the excess fat in this area. For her, losing fat in this area was one of her primary goals and so she found it amazing to have seen a 2cm weight loss instantaneously.