Two ways to prevent an autumn cold or flu

Autumn is officially here, which means Autumn colds and flu are on the way. So, here are our top tips for maintaining your health and keeping your immune system in check.

Top tips to prevent an autumn cold

It seems as though overnight Autumn has appeared. The leaves have changed colours, and the days are drawing in at an alarming rate. Unfortunately, summer is officially over. With the turn is the season it can be common for people to develop a cold or flu as their bodies adjust.

In the Autumn up to 80% of colds are caused by Rhinovirus. The symptoms range from a runny or blocked nose to a sore throat, high temperature and a cough. You’re also more likely to develop seasonal flu in the autumn. The symptoms are worse than a cold but are similar in nature.

Below we list our top tips for protecting yourself against the autumnal flu or cold:

Reduce stress

With the days becoming darker, it’s common for your mood to worsen. As a result, this can increase your stress levels which can weaken your immune system. If you feel like your mood is particularly dependent on the weather, you might want to check whether you have SAD (seasonal affective disorder). In the meantime, topping up on your zinc levels can help improve your mood in addition to exercise, Cryotherapy, and light therapy. Those who are also sleep deprived are also more likely to have a weaker immune system, so ensuring you get 8 hours of sleep is very important. Of course, your mood can also be dependent on a number of other factors, but the above are general suggestions.

Increase vitamin intake

Many antioxidants (particularly vitamin C) found in fruit and vegetables will help to fight off common cold and flu symptoms. If you feel you don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables, then multivitamins are a good source. Alternatively, you could also try an immune-system-boosting vitamin infusion injection which delivers the essential vitamins and antioxidants directly into the bloodstream. For more info on this, call us on 0344 692 1111.