The injectable solution to dry skin: Volite


Suitable for the face, neck and décolletage

Hydrates, smoothes and increases the skin’s elasticity

Suitable for all ages and skin types

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are drawing in, bringing colder weather and drier air – winter is here. For some of us, our skin copes quite well in this cooler weather, but for others, dry skin can become the bane of the skin’s health.

Previously, the ways of dealing with dry skin have been fairly limited. For most, this might include a skincare routine targeted at tackling the problem…perhaps an occasional nourishing facial and treatment, and taking tips such as: having less hot showers and avoiding products that can dry out the skin.

Volite improves dry skin

Allergan, the makers of the new injectable treatment Volite have made a huge mark in the world of injectable treatments, known for using the naturally hydrating ingredient hyaluronic acid within their injectables to create the most natural-looking results. Recently, they’ve introduced a revolutionary injectable that is Volite, specifically designed to improve the skin’s quality through hydrating, smoothing and increasing the elasticity of the skin.

More like Mesotherapy, less like a filler

Perhaps the treatment it’s most comparable to is Mesotherapy, as they both use a series of injections to create an overall rejuvenating effect, as opposed to the traditional filler technique which targets specific problem areas. However, unlike Mesotherapy which results last for around 9 weeks, you can benefit from the replenishing results of Volite for several months.

Using Vycross technology

The treatment also uses Vycross technology. Previously, fillers produced by Allergan used hylacross Technology which is more difficult to mould and shape. Vycross Technology binds the hyaluronic acid, giving it greater malleability and a more natural appearance.

Hyaluronic acid needs to maintain a very low molecular weight in order to be able to efficiently penetrate the dermis, and unfortunately, this is very hard to track within topical skincare. With so much uncertainty over how deep the hyaluronic acid can actually penetrate the skin topically, it’s more effective to inject it with fillers such as Volite or Mesotherapy.


O V E R A L L   B E N E F I T S

Results last several months – longer than the results of Mesotherapy which last a maximum of 3-5 months.

Reaches the deeper levels of the dermis that skincare cannot penetrate, to nourish skin from inside out.

Works to hydrate the skin and give it its glow back.

Improves skin quality.

Boosts collagen and elasticity levels.

Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.