Will weight gain or weight loss affect the results of my surgery?

weight gain

After you’ve had any surgery like a buttock fat transfer (BBL), Liposuction, breast reduction or a tummy tuck, you may be interested to know how weight loss or weight gain will affect the results of your surgery.

The results will vary from patient to patient depending on the amount of weight gain. With any of the previously mentioned surgeries, weight gain and weight loss usually occurs as normal and will occur proportionately as it did beforehand, even with diet and exercise. To give you a better idea, we’ve summarised how fluctuations in weight may affect your results:

Weight gain and weight loss post-surgery


During a buttock fat transfer, fat is taken from undesirable areas such as your bra rolls, flanks, thighs, hips and stomach and then re-injected back into your buttocks and hips. This procedure is usually performed to give perkier, larger and rounder buttocks, and to smooth out irregularities like hip dips to give an hourglass shape.

When the fat is re-injected, approximately 60% will be reabsorbed by the body, and the rest of the fat will remain. Once this has occurred, any future weight loss or gain will occur normally as it did prior to the surgery. For this reason, we encourage patients to try and remain at a consistent weight after surgery as weight loss or weight gain may affect the results. Weight loss may decrease the size of the buttocks, and weight gain may increase the size of the buttocks.

We encourage patients to exercise following surgery but to avoid anything strenuous for the first 3 months post-op. However, it’s worth noting that any gain in muscle could increase the overall buttock size.


Whilst the fat cells do not grow back after Liposuction, your body will adjust accordingly to weight gain or weight loss. The fat cells will not regenerate in the area you’ve had treated, but if you gain weight it will redistribute in other areas. If you lose weight, it’s still possible to lose weight from the treated area.

Breast reduction

If you gain weight following a breast reduction surgery, it’s possible that some of the weight will distribute to your breasts. Pregnancy can also affect breast reduction surgery, as the breast tissue can grow during this time.