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The Different Types of Rhinoplasty

It is essential to note the different styles of Rhinoplasty available at the 111 Harley St. clinic with a range of concise options. We will work with you to determine the type that would suit your goals and expectations accordingly. This type of surgery reduces the overall size and volume of the nose, often by reducing the size of the nostrils. It harmonises any irregularities or bumps along the bridge of the nose and dramatically improves the proportions.

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Wide Nose Rhinoplasty

For those that want to narrow wide noses, the process will involve changing the bone structure at the top of the nose and breaking the structure into smaller areas. This is so the surgeon can re-configure the overall size and position of the nose – a process called osteotomy which involves breaking the upper nasal bones to narrow the nasal bridge).

Wide Nose Rhinoplasty: Bulbous Nose Job

Another option for those wanting to refine wide noses is Tiplasty, which focuses on only reshaping the tip of the nose. This rhinoplasty option is considered for those with wide or bulbous noses. Reducing the size of the nostrils or nasal tip can improve the appearance overall.

Similarly, being conducted through an open or closed rhinoplasty, this option alone or alongside a wide-nose rhinoplasty can see the most considered differences.

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Other information: Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical Rhinoplasty Guide

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