Genital Surgery

Female Genital Surgery London

Genital surgery can repair damage from childbirth or other procedures that have left the genital areas stretched or ripped. Though not visible, perceived abnormalities or irregularities in the genital area can cause women just as many confidence problems as more visible issues.

This Type of Surgery is no Longer Uncommon.

Women with concerns about the appearance of their genitalia may avoid intimate situations. Genital surgery is very common and there is no need for any kind of awkwardness or concern.

Our surgeons have extensive experience with these kinds of surgical procedures and will be able to not only put you at ease but also help you obtain the results that you want.

Female Genital Surgery London

Hymen Repair

The thick membranous layer of tissue surrounding the inside of the vagina entrance is called the hymen and allows the passage of menstrual blood. The hymen often breaks during the first experience of sexual intercourse; however other factors can tear it such as using a tampon, horse riding or bike riding. In some cultures, it is imperative that the hymen remains enacted as it is a sign of virginity. The operation to repair the hymen is simple and straightforward. It involves using the tissue from the torn hymen to create very natural results.

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Women choose to have their labia reduced for many different reasons. Sometimes the labia lose their shape over time and can also lose their elasticity. Childbirth can cause the labia to change shape or size. For some women it has been a problem they have lived with for many years. Enlarged labia can cause not only discomfort when wearing certain items of clothing, especially sportswear but can also affect some women’s sexual confidence. Labia surgery involves trimming or reshaping the labia so it appears more natural and balanced. The stitches will dissolve and recovery normally takes around two weeks.

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Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening or a Vaginoplasty is often a procedure sought by women who have gone through childbirth and experience loosening and weakening of the vaginal muscles. A Vaginoplasty will tighten these muscles and also improve the sensation during sexual intercourse. The procedure involves removing the excess skin at the back of the vagina. The surgeon joins the stretched muscles together with dissolvable stitches. The results are immediate and the scarring is internal. Full recovery requires two to three weeks.

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