Milia (Under Eye Bumps)

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Problem With Milia

Bumps under the eye are medically referred to as milia spots. They are usually white or yellow little spots that look like whiteheads but are in fact very different. The spots are much harder than whiteheads. Only when the milia are new they are soft and more closely resembles a pimple, but they usually harden quite quickly. The difference between milia and spots is that they are formed from protein, trapped in the skin while acne spots are caused by fat and skin debris build-up clogging the pores.


Milia are caused when there is an excessive amount of surface level skin which causes the cells to get blocked and the little cysts to be formed. They can be categorised into two types – primary and secondary. Primary milia are tiny cysts filled with fluid that form due to sloughed off skin. Both adults and children are susceptible to this type.

Secondary milia are also tiny cysts but they are usually formed after an injury such as a burn or sunburn.

Gentle exfoliation of the skin will help prevent them from forming but care should be taken not to excessively rub the skin. Once they have formed they can only be removed by a skilled dermatologist.

Skin Peel

A skin peel is a slightly more aggressive way to treat the problem of uneven skin tone. Using a chemical composition it restructures and regenerates the skin revealing the blemish-free skin below. The treatment will be administered by a qualified practitioner and results will be seen after the skin has fully healed. It is always advisable to take extra care in the sun after having a skin peel and wear a sunscreen with an SPF of 25 or higher. The procedure itself takes 15 minutes and is relatively pain-free and for best results, we recommend undertaking a course.

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