Large / Open Pores

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Problem with Large / Open Pores

Large pores appear as openings on the face, and although not serious, they can affect the way people feel about themselves. Pores are simply a port in the skin that houses the hair follicle and lets natural oil out of the skin. Although everyone has them not everyone’s pores are visible.

Often we try to cover them up by wearing more make-up which can actually make them look worse.

Causes of Large or Open Pores

The most common reason why pores appear large is genetics and many people are just unfortunate enough to be born with larger pores. If you suffer from oily skin, then that can also be a reason that pores may be bigger as the skin becomes thicker. If you don’t ensure that your face is clean and regularly exfoliated, oils and skin can build up and clog around the pores, which also causes them to become enlarged. Another major issue is sun damage and years of unprotected tanning can also cause the skin to thicken and pores to appear larger. In addition, the dehydration and loss of collagen and elastin from extended periods of tanning causes the tissue beneath the skin to shrink and pulls down the edges of the pores, which will also make them visibly larger.


With each treatment of the revolutionary new Clear+Brilliant, patients will notice an improvement in the overall condition of their skin. Although gradual, the gentle laser works to penetrate the top layer of the skin, removing dead and poor quality skin cells and revealing the new cells beneath. The skin will be slightly red and dry immediately after treatment but this will improve after a few days and leave patients with a brighter overall complexion.


For brighter, smoother skin, Fraxel is an excellent choice. This FDA approved product is a slightly stronger laser treatment that over a course of treatments will improve the look and condition of the patient’s skin. Working from the inside out, Fraxel is targeted to the specific skin condition of the patient. Recovery time is minimal and no tanning of any kind is permitted during treatment or for three months after.

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