Skin Tags / Moles

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Problem with Skin Tags / Moles

Moles can appear just about anywhere on the body. They often appear as either black or brown in colour and can form singularly or in groups. They can start to appear in childhood and continue to appear until the age of about 30. Most people have anything between 10 – 40 individual ones on their body at any time. It is important to remember that they can change over the years — some will become raised while others will simply disappear with time.

Causes of Skin Tags / Moles

Moles are caused by cells in the skin growing as a cluster rather than growing more evenly spread. The cells are called melanocytes and give the skin its natural colour by making the pigment. Moles will often darken in the sun or due to hormonal changes such as pregnancy. They are often benign but if you notice drastic changes in the shape, size or colour you should have them checked to make sure they haven’t turned cancerous.

Mole Removal

People tend to have moles removed if they feel that they are unsightly or to prevent them from becoming cancerous. Mole removal is a simple, straightforward procedure that takes no more than an hour. It involves using a topical anaesthetic to numb the skin and then the mole is either excised or cut off. There is no lengthy recovery time downtime and normal activities can be resumed within the week.


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