Smile / Laughter Lines

smile / laughter lines treatments in London

Problem with Smile / Laughter Lines

Small lines that appear around the corners of your eyes and around your mouth are known as laughter lines. They tend to appear at the points where the muscles contract when smiling. Often around the eyes, these lines are called ‘crow’s feet’.

Causes of Smile / Laughter Lines

As we age the skin loses its elasticity and once,  when smiling, the skin used to bounce back. Over time, however, the two proteins that cause the skin to stretch, collagen and elastic, weaken. As a result, the indentations in the skin don’t disappear after we stop smiling. We offer several options to help improve the appearance of the skin and minimise smiler and laughter lines.


Mesotherapy injections serve as a booster for the skin. Compiled of specially prepared vitamins, amino acids and medication, each injection is custom made for the individual patient and their requirements. The injection can also be used to replace the hyaluronic acid levels in the skin that deplete over time. It is normally necessary to have several treatments to see the desired results. The procedure is only minimally invasive with slight bruising being the only side effect.

Vampire Facial- PRP

The vampire facial re-injects the patient’s own blood back into their skin. The re-injection of the blood helps patients to produce new collagen and also re-energises the cells. The treatment offers the patient plumper and firmer looking skin.  The treatment is 100% safe as only the patient’s own blood is being injected back into them, so there is no risk of side effects. The treatment will only take an hour and results are noticeable after a few days. The treatments should be repeated every six months but some patients find it can last longer.

Dermal Fillers

Another long-lasting treatment, Dermal Fillers are also known as facial fillers will smooth and fill deeper lines and wrinkles. The Dermal Filler procedure is minimally invasive with results lasting up to twelve months. Patients normally notice the effects of the treatment after just a few days.

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