Cheek / Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat removal is a procedure that extracts the fat pads that often unwantedly augment the lower cheeks. Whilst, having fullness in the face can make you look younger, however, too much fullness can give a chubby-cheeked effect. Whilst the ‘chipmunk’ appearance may look sweet as a child, sometimes they do not dissipate when a person enters adult life making them feel unattractive.

What to Expect

Most patients recover fully within three weeks, however, recovery rates vary and are influenced by your general health, nutrition and the extent of the procedure.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure lasts 30-60 minutes depending on the extent of the enhancements. You may experience swelling immediately after the procedure and for at least three days.

What does the procedure involve?

The type of anaesthesia used will be discussed with you during your consultation. Your surgeon will make an incision about two to four centimetres long between the cheek and gums. The incision starts above the second upper molar towards the back of the mouth. The surgeon uses blunt dissection to expose the fascia and fibres of the buccinator muscle. Your surgeon will then use the pressure of his or thumb externally against your cheek right under your cheek bone causing the buckle fat to protrude through the incision. He or she will then “tease” the fat out with forceps a little bit at a time. Non-dissolvable sutures close the incisions. There may be slight differences in surgical technique depending upon the preference of your surgeon..

What is the recovery period?

There may be bruising, however, this will lessen with time. Bruising and swelling are a normal occurrence in most surgeries. Your surgeon removes the sutures seven to ten days after surgery. We advise patients not participate in contact sports for at least eight weeks. You will need to rest and avoid strenuous activity for seven to ten days.

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Buccal Fat Removal Disclaimer

BEFORE & AFTER photos are NOT guarantees that your results will be the same or even similar: your results will likely vary to some degree — because you are a unique person. Our experts take great pride in their patient care ethics, precise surgical measurements, custom planning & their advanced surgical techniques.

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