Accent Radio Frequency & Ultrasound

By delivering energy deep beneath the skin, the Accent treatment combines ultrasound and radiofrequency to break down unwanted fat, simultaneously eliciting tissue retraction to lift and tighten sagging skin.

The overall result is a firmer, contoured, sculpted and toned aesthetic appearance of the chin, face, stomach, buttocks, navel and knees.

Each treatment is highly customisable depending on your goals and can be adapted using varying heats and depths for ultimate precision and contouring.

Accent Prime London

Why Accent?

  • Treats sagging skin and laxity, reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds
  • Breaks down fatty deposits anywhere on the face and body
  • This treatment works particularly well around the jawline, where it can reduce the appearance of a double chin, and lift, tighten and sculpt the jawline and lower face for a contouring effect
  • Can tighten loose skin around the navel, knees and face (jowls)
  • The treatment is quick and has no downtime or side effectsk

What does the treatment involve?

Your treatment programme will begin with a consultation where one of our highly experienced aestheticians will determine your suitability for treatment and discuss what the programme involves, as well as your treatment goals.

The handpiece used will depend on the size of the areas that require treatment. Larger areas such as the stomach, thighs and buttocks require a larger handpiece. The aesthetician will place lubrication on the treatment area and will perform several passes over the area with the smooth plate. The plate will increase in temperature with each pass, but it’s generally considered a very comfortable treatment.

Prices for Accent Radio Frequency

Our pricing allows you getting the best possible results. Hence you may notice that it is far better value to book this treatment as a course.


Single Session – £550

Course of 4 – £1870

Course of 6 – £2640


Single Session – £550

Course of 4 – £1870

Course of 6 – £2640

Prices for Accent Ultrasound

Jaw / Chin

Single Session – £550

Course of 4 – £1870

Course of 6 – £2640


Single Session – £750

Course of 4 – £2550

Course of 6 – £3600

Accent Radio Frequency & Ultrasound FAQ

What are the treatable areas?

The accent treatment can be used on the face for eye contouring, lower facial sculpting, breaking down unwanted fat under the chin, and contouring the jawline. It’s also an excellent treatment for tightening the skin and breaking down fat in troublesome areas like the lower stomach, outer thighs, knees, belly button, inner thighs and buttocks.

What does Accent treat?

• Double chin
• Bingo wings
• Bra rolls
• Back fat
• Navel skin looseness
• Knee wrinkles 
• Love handles
• Flanks
• Undefined jawline
• Unwanted fat on stomach
• Nasolabial lines
• Premature jowling
• Moobs

How does the treatment work?

Accent uses radiofrequency, delivering a thermal shock with a targeted approach within the tissue-this causes the skin to contract, simultaneously promoting the growth of new collagen for firmer and tighter skin.
Additionally, ultrasound targets fat cells and disrupts them through shear wave vibrations. This process causes the fat cell membranes to break down, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed, while the fat cells are removed through the lymphatic system. Metabolism increases following fat destruction.

What if I wanted tighter skin, but am not looking to reduce fat?

TThe treatment can be adapted depending on the patient’s requirements. If you wanted to focus on fat disruption only, we would solely use the ultrasound. If your goals were solely to concentrate on tightening lax skin, we could use radiofrequency. However, we usually combine both for optimal effect.

How long do the results last and when can they be seen?

The results can be visible after just one treatment, but we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments for optimal results. Results vary from patient to patient, but we recommend a ‘booster session’ every six months to continually improve the results. 

How many treatments are required?

4-6 treatments, every 1-2 weeks.

Is the treatment painful, and does it require anaesthetic?

Pain is subjective, but many of our patients do not experience any pain or discomfort. Some patients compare the Accent treatment to a hot stone massage. The device rolls over your skin and increases in heat, and we adjust the system to your tolerance levels. The accent machine also has a gradual heating and cooling system to minimise discomfort.

How long does the treatment take?

20-45 minutes depending on the number of areas treated and the size of the area.

Accent Radio Frequency & Ultrasound Before and After

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