The new combination treatment Wrink-Less available exclusively at 111 Harley St. aims to minimise the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles, and boost the bounce within your complexion.

The youth-boosting treatment starts with Thermage, followed by a Dermapen treatment. Merging the non-surgical anti-ageing benefits together, the process delivers energy deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production, tighten the skin and resurface rough texture or mild scarring

Wrink-Less Target Skin At All Levels

Most patients see the best results after multiple treatments, but your aesthetic practitioner will be able to determine your specialised programme.

What to expect?

First, topical numbing cream will be applied to minimise discomfort. Your treatment will start with a Thermage treatment. Thermage targets problematic skin conditions with radiofrequency energy, which delivers heat into the dermis. This process stimulates the production of collagen and elasticity and encourages the skin to tighten and lift in the treated area.

Following this, the dermapen will glide across the discussed area of treatment. The dermapen is a hand held device which contains hundreds of tiny needles. Whilst this might sound painful, most patients experience minimal discomfort during the dermapen treatment (every patient’s pain threshold varies). The depth at which the needles penetrate varies depending on the extent of the skincare condition. This creates micro-injuries to the skin (not visible to the naked eye) which tricks the skin into rebuilding collagen and repairing itself.

Finally, the 111SKIN rose gold brightening facial treatment mask will be applied. The rose gold mask nourishes and soothes your complexion following your treatment, and will instantly illuminate your complexion giving an instant post-treatment glow. To replenish and calm your skin, the 111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Emulsion (for drier aged skin) or 111SKIN Space Anti Age Day Cream (for normal to combination skin) will then be used depending on your skin type.

For best results, you may require multiple treatments, but this will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Price For Wrink-Less

Our pricing allows you getting the best possible results.

Full Face

Single Session – £3245

Wrink-Less FAQ

Where can Wrink-Less treat?

This treatment is best for the face. We can, however, adapt it for other areas of the body.

What conditions does Wrink-Less treat?

Mild acne scarring
Trauma scarring
Fine lines and wrinkles
Mild sagging, crepiness and loose skin
Stretch marks
Large pores
Rough skin texture

Why wrink-less?

• Combining two treatments within one session provides multiple benefits and speeds up the skin healing process. Your skin is tricked into healing itself and regenerating new collagen, with remodelling continuing for months.
• The Dermapen is a safer alternative to Microneedling (which should never be done at home). Dermapen glides across the skin whereas microneedling can drag across this skin, potentially causing permanent damage and infection.
• Smoother, tighter and more uniform complexion.
• Dermapen uses disposable needles to avoid cross contamination.
• No downtime.
• Allows deeper penetration and absorption of skincare products.

Press – The Times, 2017

*Results are variable and numerous treatments may be required before results are visible.

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