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111 Harley St. London Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery at 111 Harley St. London

We don’t lead with treatments; we lead with goals – your goals.
We don’t separate surgical from non-surgical – we combine them. By embracing beauty synergy with our unwavering commitment to excellence, we can offer you distinctive enhancements and complete beauty. Explore and discover for yourself. Established in 2001 by Dr Yannis Alexandrides (MD FACS), an American and European board certified plastic surgeon, 111 Harley St. offers a unique approach to beauty.

Cosmetic Surgery by Expert London Plastic Surgeons

Discover the 111 difference!
111 Harley St. has become one of Europe’s most renowned cosmetic surgery providers because we believe that combining personal attention with world-class expertise makes all the difference.

We provide comprehensive care throughout every step of your enhancement, from the first consultation to the final check-up, and beyond. This commitment to excellence combined with respect for privacy and absolute discretion has enabled the practice to grow and become a leading provider of cosmetic solutions. We pride ourselves on ensuring that patients are so delighted with their results they refer friends and return.

We believe in continuous learning and insist our surgeons, nurses and all support staff receive ongoing training in the UK and overseas, ensuring patients receive the highest level of medical standards and expertise.

We are multilingual
Afrikaans - South Africa Afrikaans
English - United Kingdom English
Farsi - Iran Farsi
French - France French
German - Germany German
Greek - Greece Greek
Hindi - India Hindi
Italian - Italy Italian
Mandarin - China Mandarin
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Spanish - Spain Spanish
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Cosmetic Surgery News from 111 Harley St.

woman-covering-breasts1-300x183 How To Treat Inverted Nipples March 27, 2015
Breasts and nipples come in all shapes and sizes, and all variations are completely normal, but some may suffer from inverted nipples meaning that their nipple is pointing inwards or there is a slit like depression in the place of the nipple. For some, they may not be bothered by this, and for other’s they can find it horribly embarrassing […]
Poland Syndrome Missing Muscle: Poland Syndrome And The Treatments March 26, 2015
Do you suffer from a concaved chest on one side, but don’t know what it is? Poland Syndrome is a rare condition that primarily effects males. If you think you may suffer from Poland Syndrome but are not sure, here are a couple of things to look out for: Primarily, Poland Syndrome effects the chest muscle in the right hand […]
Reverse Effects Of Sun Damage How To Reverse The Effects Of Sun Damage March 25, 2015
No matter how much we try to protect ourselves from environmental damage, for most of us we will have exposed ourselves to harmful UV rays which may have caused our skin some sun damage. Persistent exposure to the sun can lead to signs of ageing which start to become visible from an early age of twenty, with cutaneous sun damage […]
111 Harley St. Practitioners

Dr Yannis Alexandrides
Medical Director

Dr Alexandrides is an American and European board certified plastic surgeon specialising in cosmetic surgery with emphasis on facial reconstructive surgery; and is also board certified by the European Board of Plastic, Aesthetic and  Read More…

Karishma Gorasia
Head Aesthetic Nurse

Karishma has many year’s experience in the knowledge and skillset behind laser technology as well as injectable treatments. She engages in the latest products and procedure trainings and is very educated in Read More…

Melissa Nel
Aesthetic Therapist

Melissa has gained valuable experience in various aesthetic treatments and has worked with an array of skin conditions and skin types. This includes conditions such as pigmentation, acne, scarring, rejuvenation Read More…

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