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Skin Laxity

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Treatment Options

Boosting your skin’s strength and resilience involves restoring your collagen and elastin levels. To effectively increase this production, we can utilise a range of non-surgical treatments that trigger fibroblast activity for skin tightening. In more severe cases of skin laxity, surgery may be required.

Accent Prime

Accent Prime HD

A non-invasive synergy of ultrasound and radiofrequency works to breakdown unwanted fat, while prompting tissue retraction to lift for skin tightening in problem areas such as the stomach, buttocks, navel and knees with the fat fighter treatment.

Your treatment programme will begin with a consultation where one of our highly experienced aestheticians will determine your suitability for treatment and discuss what the programme involves, as well as your treatment goals.

The handpiece used will depend on the size of the areas that require treatment. Larger areas such as the stomach, thighs and buttocks require a larger handpiece. The aesthetician will place lubrication on the treatment area and will perform several passes over the area with the smooth plate.

The results can be visible after just one treatment, but we recommend a course of 4-6 treatments for optimal results. Results vary from patient to patient, but we recommend a ‘booster session’ every six months to continually improve the results.

Accent uses radiofrequency, delivering a thermal shock within the tissue – this causes the skin to contract, simultaneously promoting the growth of new collagen for firmer and tighter skin.

Additionally, ultrasound targets fat cells and disrupts them through shear wave vibrations. This process causes the fat cell membranes to break down, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed, while the fat cells are removed through the lymphatic system. Metabolism increases following fat destruction.

We recommend 4-6 treatments to see optimal results. Every 1-2 weeks.

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Clear Lift


The laser treatment ClearLift uses Q-Switched laser technology, creating a controlled thermal wound beneath the dermis to tighten and firm skin. The energy remodels the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the skin’s surface intact.

During your consultation, one of our certified laser aestheticians will assess your suitability for treatment and discuss your treatment goals and conditions.

This treatment is painless, and the aesthetician will make a few passes over the treatment area with a hand-held device. You may feel a slight warm zap in sensitive areas. You will require several treatment sessions to benefit from the optimal effects that ClearLift offers.

The treatment takes from around 20 minutes to an hour.

The Clearlift Treatment uses Harmony XL Pro laser and a fractional Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser with near infrared technology. The device disperses pixelated energy at a depth of 3mm into the skin to create a controlled process of damaging and healing. This triggers the skin to remodel itself without causing visible damage to the surface layers.

We recommend 4-6 treatment sessions.

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Thermage FLX

Thermage® FLX

Thermage® FLX is an advanced radiofrequency treatment that addresses skin laxity. The energy heats the deeper dermal layers causing the lax skin to retract and boosts collagen production. The treatment is suitable for both the face and the body and can give a firmer, sculpted look.

The Thermage® FLX treatment starts with a consultation. At this point, we will determine whether the treatment will be suitable for your needs and desired goals.

Your aesthetician will trace a grid on to the skin, which helps to guide the application. The aesthetician will then make several passes over the treatment area with the handpiece in pulses which last for around half a second until the treatment is complete.

We also offer Thermage® CPT should you desire.

The consultation process plays an integral part in the overall outcome. At this point, we will discuss your expectations and what you’re hoping to achieve. Your age, the number of areas being treated and skin quality can influence the result and when the results will be seen.

You may see some immediate lifting, but the results of this treatment are usually progressive, with optimal improvement at around the six-month mark and improved when combined with other treatments and skincare. As the treatment works by stimulating collagen levels, the results continue to improve over time.

The results can last for one to three years, varying from patient to patient. Avoiding smoking, drinking, sun exposure and poor lifestyle habits will also prevent accelerated depletion of collagen and elasticity levels.

With sun damage a great contributor, our collagen levels begin to decrease. Elastin fibres, which give skin its stretch, also wear down and break over time. This causes accelerated ageing, that presents itself in the form of early jowls, crepiness of the skin on the face and the body, and lower facial sagging.

Thermage® FLX and Thermage® CPT uses radiofrequency energy, delivering it deep within the dermis to remodel existing collagen and elasticity, simultaneously inducing the production of new collagen which gives a tightening and plumping effect on the treated area.

Just a single session, but we recommend yearly treatments to maintain results.

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Soft Thread Lift

Soft Thread Lift

The soft thread lift is considered to be the non-surgical solution to a facelift. Biodegradable threads elevate the skin and create a lifting effect. The treatment simultaneously stimulates collagen production, providing a further support structure for the skin. It is a popular treatment for lifting the lower part of the face but can also effectively work for ageing eyes.

At 111 Harley St., our highly-experienced, qualified and certified Doctors or nurses will perform your procedure.

The process begins with a thorough consultation, where we will discuss your aesthetic concerns and devise a unique thread-lift plan. The soft thread lift requires a local anaesthesia which allows for a faster recovery time and carries less risks than general anaesthesia. We carry out the operation in our own Harley St. theatre, which offers convenience and has the highest standards of hygiene and patient safety.

Temporary markings will indicate the lifting direction and entrance site of the threads.

Bio directional PDO threads are the first threads that we use and insert through a cannula or micro-needle. Following this, we may also use uni-directional threads to treat the neck, jawline, marionette and nasolabial folds. They are beneficial for creating a more natural contouring effect. The nurse or Doctor will then remove the cannula, and the threads remain in place.

The threads will form a semi-permanent support structure for the face with the lifting effect at a peak around six months later. The results last approximately 18 months but vary from patient to patient.

The procedure usually takes around 45-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area and the number of threads.

An ageing face can manifest itself in several ways; sagging, wrinkles, loss of volume are some indications we might expect to see. The elasticity and collagen depletion can change the shape of the face and its support structure. Some of the earlier signs (after changes in skin texture) are lower facial sagging, premature jowls and brow ptosis.

A soft thread lift will introduce PDO threads through a cannula. The skin grips to the barbs or cones on the thread. The biodegradable threads form a support structure that work to lift, contour and tighten sagging skin through stimulating the body’s natural regenerative process.

By provoking the body’s natural healing response, the procedure promotes the growth of new collagen which surround the filaments, giving the skin a rejuvenated appearance, that progressively enhances over a year.

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Profhilo is a hyaluronic based injectable that can treat skin laxity, boost and hydrate the skin and remodel ageing and sagging tissue. As the remodelling effects happen over time, patients usually require 2-3 treatments for optimal results.

Profhilo is a suitable treatment for those who are looking for a treatment that will provide revitalisation, radiance and hydration, and a smoother skin surface.

As the formulation synthesises collagen and boosts elasticity, it can also reduce wrinkles, tighten the skin and give a subtle lifting enhancement. It’s suitable for all skin tones and skin types.

Unlike other filler types that build volume, or plump out lines, Profhilo has a smoother consistency that spreads evenly. You could think of it like an injectable serum, that disperses Hyaluronic acid so that you can take advantage of its hydrating benefits.

As the hyaluronic acid spreads, it stimulates four different types of collagen and elastin. In doing so, it helps to smooth lines and wrinkles and tighten the skin. The moisture-binding injectable also keeps the skin dewy and plump.

The cell-regenerative effect improves the overall condition, quality and texture of your skin.

You could expect to see skin remodelling within 2-3 treatments.

Once a month for the first 2-3 sessions, then between 3-6 months for any maintenance treatments.

Results will improve with each treatment and can last 28 days or more. With the boost in hyaluronic acid, you could expect to benefit from an increase in collagen that lasts for several months after your treatment.

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LPG Endermologie


Endermologie awakens the lymphatic system and mobilises tissues to improve its tone and suppleness. Collagen and elasticity levels increase with endermologie to restore firmness. The treatment is suitable for the face and body.

If you’re having the treatment on your body, we will require you to purchase your own Endermologie suit before treatment. You must wash this suit at home and bring it with you to every session.

During the treatment, we will roll the device over the treatment area. The device sucks the skin, as the roller massages the tissue.

Improvement in skin radiance can be seen immediately after a treatment, with improved hydration. Depending on your specific skin concerns, you should expect to see improvement following a course of treatments.

Approximately 50 minutes depending on the treatment area.

8–10 initially, and once a month after completion of the course. Initially, several treatments can be had on a weekly basis, or once or twice a week. After the initial course, monthly treatments will help to maintain results.

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