Pigmentation is the darkening of the skin where there has been an overproduction of melanin. It is normally not serious but cosmetically speaking it can be unpleasant. Pigmentation can occur in any part of the body but tends to be most common in areas that are more openly exposed such as the face, neck, chest, arms and hands. It can affect both men and women and though any ethnicity can be susceptible it tends to be more prevalent in those with Asian, Mediterranean, African or Latin backgrounds.

The three main types of pigmentation are: Lentigo / Lentigines which are simply freckles, Lentigo / Lentigines, the medical term for freckles caused by the sun are often referred to as age or liver spots, and Melasma, which is commonly known as ‘the pregnancy mask’. It is caused by hormonal changes and appears as splotchy, pigmented areas, most usually on the face.

Causes Of Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be caused by a number of different things. Sun exposure is a common one, particularly if proper care isn’t taken to protect against UV rays. Other causes include hormonal changes such as pregnancy or the contraceptive pill. Some medication can also cause pigmentation such as anti-seizure drugs, hormone treatments and certain antibiotics. Sometimes an injury to the skin can also cause discolouration. Pigmentation can often be a difficult condition to treat but there is more help available now than ever before.

Our Treatments For Pigmentation

If you believe you have pigmentation that you wish to get rid of why not visit us for a free skin consultation with our skin specialists using our very own skin diagnostic system. During this initial visit, we will be able to discuss the best treatment from the three below for your skin type.


For lighter cases of pigmentation, Clear+Brilliant is the perfect treatment. It uses a  gentle laser and is recommended for those with superficial pigmentation. The laser works from the inside out to remove signs of damage.

Although the skin may feel dry straight after the treatment this usually fades after a few days and results can be seen within a week. A course of six treatments is recommended in order to fully benefit from Clear+Brilliant.

Read more about the procedure here.

Skin Peels

Using chemical compounds or acids, skin peel is an effective way of removing damaged layers of the dermis and encouraging the growth of the new skin cells underneath. The chemical compound procedure often requires no recovery time and patients can resume their daily activities quickly.

As the procedure cuts into the skin it is important to ensure extra care is taken whilst in the sun after the treatment.

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Using Fractional laser technology to penetrate deep into the skin. Fraxel works to increase collagen production and remove dead skin cells. Fraxel can be used to lighten areas of darkened skin. It has proved to be particularly effective in treating pigmentation and Melasma.

The use of a laser ensures that the skin heals quickly. Remember that no tanning of any kind is permitted either during or for 3 months after treatment.

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