How Alevere Can Help You Achieve Your Surgical Goals

Our collaboration is a solution for any of our patients who wish to lower their weight, or want to proceed with a Body Surgery, like Liposuction or Abdominoplasty, but their BMI makes them unsuitable. When it comes to weight loss surgery and the ways we can help you contour the body, your BMI needs to be ideally around 30, occasionally some leniency can be made depending on the individual, factors such as how you distribute your weight would be considered; but this range is still small. This means that a personal effort needs to be made to lower your BMI. Many patients are actively looking for a weight loss specialist on Harley Street, or are researching surgeries to reduce fat, which is indicative of someone who may already be struggling to achieve their ideal weight, or is unhappy with their current body shape. This is where we can help…

Our doctor-led weight loss programme means that increasing body confidence has never been easier. Combined with Alevere’s knowledge of the body’s metabolism and chemistry, they will provide a bespoke treatment plan that preserves the body’s muscle tissue and avoids any negative side effects of weight loss.


It has such effective results because the nutritional plans are rooted in science and supervised by medical practitioners to ensure the most effective solutions. Each plan works to keep your insulin levels and blood sugar completely steady, not causing any spikes in their levels to keep the breakdown of body fat optimised. One of the advantages of the Alevere method means that you’ll have meals regularly, and still lose weight.

Our clinical team will be monitoring your progress and tracking your body fat, muscle mass, and hydration levels. With this data, they’ll be able to let you know in advance how long it should take you to reach your target weight.

We have everything you could need to prepare your body and skin before your surgery for the best end result. Our exclusive collaboration means that our 360-degree surgical plans will not only include Non-Surgical Treatments, such as LPG Endermologie, Thermage, Accent Prime, and post-operative skincare recommendations, but now, nutrition.

Our in-clinic treatments – ones that will improve the skin’s quality and tightness, as well as reducing scarring and water retention with medical devices – will be combined with Alevere’s tried-and-tested methods to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. This means that you’ll have a complete and comprehensive care plan laid out for you, one that will help not only get you in the best shape for your surgery, but also enhance your overall result.


To request more information from weight loss specialist in London or a surgical consultation, please complete this form.

Please note, all consultations are subject to the applicable charge below at the time of booking. This is deducted from the cost of your procedure:

Slimming Programme Pre-Therapy Assessment Fee – £150

Surgical Procedures Virtual Consultation Fee – £200

Surgical Procedures In-Clinic Consultation Fee – Dr Yannis £350, Mr Reza £200


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