Acne Scarring

Acne can be a debilitating condition that can have an adverse effect on a person’s confidence and cause them to shy away from social situations. The relief of finally being rid of acne can often be overshadowed by the acne scars that remain. Acne scarring in many cases serves as a constant reminder of the condition.

Problem Acne Scarring

Acne scars can be left behind by different types of acne and form in areas where cystic blemish legions were present.

Causes of Acne Scarring

Research has shown that there are three main different types of acne scars — atrophic, which are generally shallow and superficial; boxcar-shaped, which are round or oval with deeply depressed sides; and ice pick-shaped scars, which are narrow and deeper ones that look like a deep hole. People with darker skin tend to notice hyper-pigmentation around the scar, whereas lighter skin tones tend to have a redness surrounding them.

Isolaz Acne Treatment In London

At 111 Harley St. we tailor our acne scarring removal to each person. Check out the boxes below to learn about different treatment options available to your or book a consultation to find out how we can treat you.


Clear+Brilliant is a new gentle laser treatment. It is ideal for sufferers of acne of any age as it gently removes superficial acne scars and unblocks large pores and blackheads. Dubbed by many as a fantastic addition to your skin care routine and it is ideal for younger people as it can help delay signs of ageing. It is also a useful treatment to top up our other laser treatments.

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Fraxel is a slightly more aggressive form of laser treatment and is particularly beneficial for people with deeper and more pronounced acne scars that can often leave the skin with an uneven texture. The Fraxel laser penetrates further into the epidermis layer of the skin and leaves a smoother, softer surface. Fraxel is still gentle enough to ensure that the patient does not need to take time off work and is more convenient and less invasive than other options.

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Chemical Skin Peel

A skin peel can be a very effective way of dealing with both acne and its associated scarring. Using chemical compounds, a skin peel works deep down in the skin. It helps stimulate collagen and elastin production and to promote the growth of new cells.

We recommend applying SPF of 25 or higher at all times post-treatment.

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