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Use our comprehensive A-Z glossary to search for or debunk a list of terminology for procedures, treatments, conditions, names or ingredients within the skincare and aesthetics world.

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Zoom Face

#Zoomface Treatments With Popsugar

4 other doctors delve into what the most sought-after zoom-ready treatments are in the cosmetic surgery world post-lockdown with Popsugar.

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111SKIN Reparative Facial

How Summer Looks After Lockdown

Dr Yannis’ makes his top-three treatment and procedure recommendations for July, now that we have the green light for summer!

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Post Lcok Down Featured Treatment

Post Lockdown Treatments

After over eight weeks of being indoors, there may be several skin concerns you're battling with. Thankfully, we have devised a combination injectable treatment approach to lift and enliven the skin.

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Meso Day & Night Creams

Maintain Your Botox Results During Lockdown

With lockdown in the UK seemingly extended until July, you may be concerned about how you can maintain the results of your Botox sessions in between appointments.

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Clinic Reopening

While Dr Yannis and the 111 Harley St. team continue to be available for virtual consultations for new and existing patients, in light of the most recent government guidelines, selected surgical and non-surgical clinical services will be open for bookings at 111 Harley St. on Monday 1st June, with the remaining services resuming on Monday […]

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Virtual Consultation Blog Featured Image

Book Your Virtual Consultation

We can offer you a virtual consultation for all your aesthetic needs. Whether you wish to discuss your cosmetic concerns or talk with a registered nurse for anti-ageing advice, we’re here for you.

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Harmony XL Pro Laser

Let’s Talk About This Laser

Lasers have become the go-to non-invasive treatment over the past few years, offering fast treatment times with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime which are suitable for most, if not all skin types. Ablative (surface-based) and non-ablative (dermis based) lasers are able to address most common skin issues.

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Fat Transfer to Butt CN

Brazilian butt lift basics

A brazilian butt lift is designed to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks, whilst removing fat from undesirable areas such as the: hips, bra roll and thighs. The procedure uses the body's own fat to create a natural look and feel to the area. Liposuction is used to remove the fat which is then purified and re-injected into the buttocks.

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Liposonix Blog Featured Image

Liposonix Experience

Liposonix is said to help you lose one dress size in one treatment, but is the treatment really worth it? Patient Emma decided to have Liposonix for the abdominal area and shared her experience with us.

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Polly Beak Deformity

Polly beak deformity

Is your nose not healing in the way that you want it to after a Rhinoplasty surgery? Does your tip look slightly downturned with a wider beak-like bridge? If so, you may be suffering from Polybeak deformity.

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Asian Skincare Lessons Model

3 things we can all learn from Asian skincare regimes

You’d be forgiven if you’ve ever mistaken someone with an Asian origin for looking younger than they are. Some are genetically blessed with smooth and poreless skin that never seems to age. Many are on an ever-lasting quest to find the secret to looking younger, so what things can we learn from Asian skincare?

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Instant Chill

Keeping your cool at 30°

Temperatures are going to reach 30 degrees in London this week which is great for those that can enjoy the sunshine, but less enjoyable for those that are enclosed in an office or are otherwise engaged with chores and duties. Whilst the sun can make some of us stressed out, there are a number of ways to keep your cool...

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