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Interview with Dr Yannis for Influencer Magazine

Did you know there’s be a 40% decline in cosmetic surgery figures since 2015. Dr Yannis Alexandrides weighs in on this matter and shares his thoughts on skincare, the increase in male non surgical procedures and other wellness matters.

Side effects of Botox that you might not know about

Botox has roughly 20 uses and many benefits aside from diminishing the appearance of wrinkles including: reducing hyperhidrosis, helping alleviate migraines and even to reduce the size of the jaw; but are you aware of the side effects?

3 things we can all learn from Asian skincare regimes

You’d be forgiven if you’ve ever mistaken someone with an Asian origin for looking younger than they are. Some are genetically blessed with smooth and poreless skin that never seems to age. Many are on an ever-lasting quest to find the secret to looking younger, so what things can we learn from Asian skincare?

Breast reduction: Questions you might have

If you’re considering a breast reduction surgery, there may be a number of questions you have, or questions you may not have considered prior to your consultation. A breast reduction is a procedure that can reduce the size of your breasts and lift them to a higher and perkier position on the chest.

Keeping your cool at 30 degrees

Temperatures are going to reach 30 degrees in London this week which is great for those that can enjoy the sunshine, but less enjoyable for those that are enclosed in an office or are otherwise engaged with chores and duties. Whilst the sun can make some of us stressed out, there are a number of ways to keep your cool…