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Maintain Your Botox Results During Lockdown

With lockdown in the UK seemingly extended until July, you may be concerned about how you can maintain the results of your Botox sessions in between appointments.

Why Everyone Is Talking About This Laser

Lasers have become the go-to non-invasive treatment over the past few years, offering fast treatment times with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime which are suitable for most, if not all skin types. Ablative (surface-based) and non-ablative (dermis based) lasers are able to address most common skin issues.

Brazilian butt lift basics

A brazilian butt lift is designed to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks, whilst removing fat from undesirable areas such as the: hips, bra roll and thighs. The procedure uses the body’s own fat to create a natural look and feel to the area. Liposuction is used to remove the fat which is then purified and re-injected into the buttocks.

The injectable solution to dry skin: Volite

The injectable treatment Volite is specifically designed to improve the skin’s quality through hydrating, smoothing and increasing the elasticity of the skin. Most similar to Mesotherapy, it’s the ideal solution for dry skin.

A patient’s experience of Liposonix

Liposonix is said to help you lose one dress size in one treatment, but is the treatment really worth it? Patient Emma decided to have Liposonix for the abdominal area and shared her experience with us.

Contact lenses could be causing eyelid ptosis

Eyelid ptosis is both a physical problem as well as an aesthetic concern. Genetics can play a role in the development of ptosis, but scientists have found that contact lenses also play a part.

Did you know, some breast implants glow in the dark?

As with any surgery, patients are often never fully aware of all the weird and wonderful side effects. Despite extensive research, you might not know that some breast implants glow in the dark…

Polly beak deformity: Complications of Rhinoplasty

Is your nose not healing in the way that you want it to after a Rhinoplasty surgery? Does your tip look slightly downturned with a wider beak-like bridge? If so, you may be suffering from Polybeak deformity.

3 things we can all learn from Asian skincare regimes

You’d be forgiven if you’ve ever mistaken someone with an Asian origin for looking younger than they are. Some are genetically blessed with smooth and poreless skin that never seems to age. Many are on an ever-lasting quest to find the secret to looking younger, so what things can we learn from Asian skincare?

Keeping your cool at 30 degrees

Temperatures are going to reach 30 degrees in London this week which is great for those that can enjoy the sunshine, but less enjoyable for those that are enclosed in an office or are otherwise engaged with chores and duties. Whilst the sun can make some of us stressed out, there are a number of ways to keep your cool…

So… you think you want a nose job?

A nose job is still one of the most popular facial surgeries in the UK, and accounted for 4,205 of recorded surgeries by BAAPS, and is particularly favoured by men. The nose is such a focal point of the face, and if you’ve ever considered getting a nose job, there are a number of things you should know…

Treating Under Eye Wrinkles

One of the most common questions I come across on the cosmetic treatments forum Realself is “how can I get rid of my under-eye wrinkles?” As the skin around the eyes is so delicate, it’s susceptible to premature ageing in the form of wrinkles, bags and dark circles. As ageing progresses, these concerns worsen.

Benefits of IV drips

IV drips are used to infuse your skin and body with vitamins and nutrients. Many Celebrities are endorsing IV drips and their benefits, but are intravenous drips just a trend or do they have real health, beauty and wellness benefits?

Orthorexia May be Ruining Your Skin

Orthorexia is a term used to describe an obsessive behaviour towards eating healthy foods. Someone with Orthorexia may be unaware of their symptoms which can pose dangers to their mental wellbeing, physical health, skin and social life.

Introducing Volbella: the newest filler for lips

Volbella is the latest filler injection that we’re bringing to 111 Harley St.

Crisalix 3D Breast Simulation

We're pleased to offer you virtual consultations in the comfort of your own home. Our remote consultations allow you to take photos in the privacy of your discreet environment, in your own time. Your 3D breast simulation will give you a visual indication of your post-operative results to guide your decision and to help you manage expectations. Crisalix Checklist To [...]

Why are cosmetic surgery figures dropping?

This week cosmetic surgery figures have made front page news.

Remove eye bags without surgery: Felc

Thought a Blepharoplasty was your only option for eye bags? Well, it’s not. Felc is the latest innovation in non-surgical solutions to removing under eye bags, without the need for surgery.

Will weight gain or weight loss affect the results of my surgery?

After you’ve had any surgery like a buttock fat transfer (BBL), Liposuction, breast reduction or a tummy tuck, you may be interested to know how weight loss or weight gain will affect the results of your surgery.