Advanced Facial Rejuvenation

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Dramatically enhance your appearance without surgery. Our newest injectable approach to complete transform your appearance, administered by our globally-experienced Aesthetic Doctor.

Advanced Facial Rejuvenation is one of the signature treatments performed by our Aesthetic Doctor and Anti-Ageing Specialist. It involves using the most advanced, anti-ageing injectable techniques and products to transform your appearance, while still maintaining a sense of subtlety, natural beauty and invisibility. This treatment is not only an anti-ageing treatment, but it also contours the facial features, making it ideal for lifting, sculpting and volumising your desired areas.

Each treatment is bespoke, beginning with a full consultation, complete facial analysis and ending with a follow-up and after care plan. We will work with you to achieve your aesthetic goals and ensure each treatment enhances your features and works in harmony with the rest of your appearance.

This treatment will illicit a natural-looking transformation – one that can be achieved using only the latest non-surgical approaches, such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, Profhilo or Soft Threads. One immense advantage of this treatment is that they can all be layered together to help you accomplish your desired result. Advanced Rejuvenation can either be used to accentuate your whole complexion, or as an effective method to resolve singular concerns and insecurities, such as a thin lips or an asymmetric nose. During your consultation, our resident Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Doctor will recommend and analyse the areas that may benefit from rejuvenation.

Advanced Facial Rejuvenation FAQs

Before any treatment, you’ll first have a consultation with one of our expertly trained and highly qualified Aesthetic Doctor who will assess your skin and recommend the optimal doses, treatment areas and which non-surgical approach you will benefit most from. Then, on the day of your treatment they will cleanse the area, mark the areas. and administer the injections. Our Aesthetic Doctor is highly skilled and trained to deliver the injections in a seamless, gentle way to ensure your comfort levels aren’t compromised.

Yes! With Advanced Rejuvenation that are many avenues to explore, so if one route does not seem suitable for your skin type, we will do our best to outline for you another much more effective option. Official confirmation will be given during the consultation.

Your safety is our priority and all our injectables are FDA-approved and rigorously tested. We,  as a top Harley Street clinic, only endorse the use of the most outstanding, medical-grade products that are certified for clinical use.

Advanced Rejuvenation can be used on the following areas:

  • Mid-Face: cheeks, under-eye
  • Upper face: forehead, temples
  • Lower face: chin,  jawline
  • Neck
  • Décollage

Depending on the approach the lasting time may vary. It is estimated that if you are rejuvenating using botox treatments the effects can last for around 6-8 months. With dermal fillers this can be around one year. Profhilo can be around half a year and Soft Threads will last around 12-18 months.

Again, as these are injectables, this rates can fluctuate on a case-by-case basis as it depends on your body’s retention and metabolic rates (meaning how fast they break down the filler / products).

To maintain the best results, top-up treatment times may be required.

Teoxane Redensity 2 Under Eye Dermal Filler
Restylane Dermal Filler
Care Quality Commission (CQC)
Juvederm Dermal Filler

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