Potenza Radiofrequency Microneedling

Potenza RF Microneedling

111 Harley St. are rated an average of 5 out of 5 based on 777 reviews

Potenza is the latest innovation in microneedling treatments to dramatically rejuvenate your skin.

Using ultra-fine needles and radio frequency energy to penetrate the epidermis and trigger your body’s natural healing process, this regeneration process encourages collagen and elastin production giving your skin the ultimate rejuvenation.

As a treatment that can be performed on all skin types, skin tones and on the face, and body, it is recommended all year round for you to achieve your most healthiest, revitalised skin. Overall, you will notice firmer, tighter, and younger-acting skin and a smoother and more brightened complexion if you suffer from blemishes.

Potenza is an excellent future-forward treatment that improves acne and acne scarring. Through its monopolar and bipolar energy, directly targeted at the area, it can reduce the inflammation surrounding acne and also reduce redness and prevent the deeper, long-term scarring often associated with acne. All through ultra fine needles, the Potenza helps trigger your body’s natural healing process encouraging renewal from a microscopic, cellular level.

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Potenza Microneedling RF
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    111 Harley St. are rated an average of 5 out of 5 based on 777 reviews

    I finished my course of Accent Prime radio frequency to tighten jawline and slim my face and I am very happy with the results and service provided by this clinic. It has been a nice journey and a great place to come if you have never has treatments before as they offer so many and the skills from the team are amazingly high. I always felt in good hands and can’t rate them all enough. Rachael done my course of treatments which was nice to have the same person throughout and feel like each experience was 100% worth it. I will follow Rachael’s advice now and continue with top-ups and try ClearSkin laser that she says she has frequently and from looking at her skin it’s flawless.


    I have recently started Accent Prime on my body and find it rather relaxing I have done other firming treatments on my body before and found very uncomfortable. Rachael always has a nice touch when doing treatments and I trust her recommendations and enjoy coming to the clinic


    My skin is so much firmer from Accent Prime, highly recommended.


    I have done Accent Prime treatment with Rachael. She is very very professional, knowledgeable, sweet and lovely. Would 100% recommend


    I have done Accent Prime treatment with Rachael. She is the loveliest and friendliest person who is also very knowledgeable.

    Anna F
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    111 Harley St. are rated an average of 5 out of 5 based on 777 reviews

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