111 Clinic Philosophy

111 Harley St. exists at the epicentre of respected plastic surgery within London, and by extension, the world. In light of our prestigious address, we also consider the clinic so much more than a centre of aesthetic excellence. We consider it a space of holistic, 360 degree care, performing 10,000+ invasive and non-invasive treatments on patients from over 89 countries each year.

111 Harley St. is the principal brand of Dr Yannis’ aesthetic family, which also includes luxury skincare brand 111SKIN, sensorial concept 111SPA/CLINIC and wellness space 111CRYO/HEAT. It is this commitment to a holistic health and beauty experience that makes 111 Harley St. unique, taking into considering your entire wellbeing experience from planning to post-operative care.


Tailored Treatments

The clinic is unique in its holistic approach to aesthetics and health. Following a consultation, we’ll assess whether the patient requires cosmetic surgery or non-invasive options including treatments and skincare. Due to our state-of-the-art technology, we often find we’re able to achieve unparalleled results without invasive measures. “Whatever suits the purpose of the patient is our priority,” explains Dr Yannis Alexandrides.


Our 3 Step Approach

Every treatment or surgery performed at 111 Harley St. follows our signature, three-step structure – planning, procedure and post-procedure. This tiered process allows us to enact our ethos of holistic care from start to finish, ensuring the patients journey with 111 Harley St. is smooth, safe and satisfying.




Planning Your Experience

Whether you are engaging with our comprehensive concierge service or have simply visited one of our practitioners for a consultation, our priority is that you step into your procedure or treatment reassured, relaxed and fully educated.

We provide a thorough analysis and will discuss your cosmetic concerns so that we can best manage and meet expectations. Your skin, health and wellbeing are also taken into consideration, with each addressed appropriately. We pride ourself on a holistic approach which starts from the minute you walk in to 111 Harley St.

Virtual consultations are also available.





Procedures For You

With over 10,000+ procedures every year, 111 Harley St. has become a respected space for bespoke, enjoyable and efficacious procedures. The clinic uses FDA cleared and proven technologies which corresponds with Dr Yannis’s rigorous state-side training.

The team, led by Dr Yannis, are constantly ensuring the clinic provides the most innovative technologies and techniques within its treatments. 111 Harley St. remains one of the most advanced centres of aesthetics globally thanks to the constant influx of research and training.





Post-Procedure Care

111 Harley St. is famed for its aftercare. Following procedures, patients are prescribed a course of treatments that can range from healing facials to cryotherapy, endermologie and IV drips, all of which were developed by Dr Yannis to encourage post-operative healing. Endermologie, in particular, is a treatment that we’ll often recommend as part of your post-operative or pre-operative programme due to its ability to prepare and soften skin tissues. 

Patients also receive preferential rates on 111SKIN, which is widely considered as ‘Harley Street, bottled’ thanks to its ability to soothe, support and strengthen stressed skin.


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