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Our ethos is not to start with treatments; instead, we lead with goals, your goals. We do not separate surgical from non-surgical since we combine them to embrace beauty. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and hence we can offer you distinctive enhancements.

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Our Practitioners

Established in 2001, 111 Harley St. is founded on the principles that physicians meet the highest level of medical standards and patients receive the highest level of medical expertise. To join the 111 Harley St. team, our nurses, cosmetic doctors and surgeons must have undergone rigorous training and be board certified. Practitioners are continually reassessed whilst at the clinic, they must be committed to developing and perfecting new techniques and treatments to meet our patient’s needs.

Latest News
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Volite Featured Image The injectable solution to dry skin: Volite - The injectable treatment Volite is specifically designed to improve the skin’s quality through hydrating, smoothing and increasing the elasticity of the skin. Most similar to Mesotherapy, it's the ideal solution for dry skin.