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Ageing Skin Options

There are many ways you can slow down the ageing process of the skin and prevent its deterioration. Ongoing skin maintenance and an effective anti-ageing skin treatment programme can lessen skin ageing. They can work to lighten pigmentation and fade age spots, restore collagen and elasticity levels to give more bounce and resilience, and fortify the skin barrier to protect it from further damage. Certain treatments like Botox and fillers can also temporarily prohibit wrinkles and replace lost volume.

botox treatment Botox


Renowned for its anti-wrinkle benefits, Botox can smooth expression lines on the forehead and around the eyes such as the worry lines, crow’s feet and frown lines. Our expert injectables nurses are highly-experienced and use expert techniques to attain your desired results. We can also preserve some movement if you prefer a natural look.

The process begins with a consultation where we will discuss your reason for treatment and determine whether you are a suitable candidate.

The practitioner will make a series of injections to administer the substance. We can apply a topical anaesthetic to minimise discomfort. The unit will vary depending on the size of the area and the severity of the concern. You may feel a very slight scratch as the injections enter the skin.

In some cases, the nurse may inject a lower dosage than initially expected – this is standard practice when treating forehead wrinkles, particularly if you have a small forehead. It is essential to assess how your muscles react to the treatment to avoid eyebrow or eyelid drooping. Your nurse will discuss a follow-up appointment to administer the rest of the Botox.

Botox treats wrinkles by targeting the underlying muscle that wrinkles the overlying skin. It restricts the contraction of the muscle, so the overlying skin appears smooth. By inhibiting this movement, the toxin can create many other positive aesthetic effects or have health benefits.

It can take up to 2 weeks to see the full effect of Botox depending on the size of the area treated and the condition. For Botox to the masseter, it can take four weeks, and calf muscles can take six weeks before you see results.

The permanency varies from patient to patient, but usually, Botox starts to wear off after around 12 weeks. Its longevity also depends on the strength of the muscle.

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Blepharoplasty Surgery London Blepharoplasty


As you age, the skin on the eyelids can start to sag, giving a hooded, crepey effect. A blepharoplasty addresses ageing around the eyes. Since the skin around the eyes is delicate and thin, the best results are often achieved through surgical measures, particularly for under-eye bags. In some cases, we can use tear trough fillers to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and minimise dark circles.

The procedure varies from patient to patient, depending on their preferences and the complexity of the concern. The type of anaesthesia used will depend on your preferences, suitability and the preferred surgical technique. We can perform both an upper and lower blepharoplasty under local anaesthesia in our safe and sterile clinic, reducing the anaesthesia risks. A blepharoplasty is often a day case surgery.

The surgery technique will depend on the concerns. The surgeon will usually make an incision along the lash line for a lower bleph, and within the crease of the upper eyelid for an upper bleph. They will remove excess skin, and excise some of the muscle, and may reposition the fat and tissues.

Those who:

  • Are looking for more rested, youthful-looking eyes
  • Have sagging or excess skin on upper eyelids
  • Have under-eye bags or fluid accumulation under eyes
  • Chinese or Asian patients who are looking to alter their eye shape through the double-eyelid approach
  • Vision is effected by sagging upper eyelids
  • Have unwanted creases around eyes

You can start to get an indication of the outcome after several weeks.

The recovery period depends on the severity of the operation requirements. For a traditional blepharoplasty, the surgeon will usually remove stitches five to seven days after surgery, and you may resume normal activities after this. We tend to use dissolvable stitches when performing a lower blepharoplasty, in which case, you wouldn’t require the removal of stitches. The majority of patients feel ready to go out in public after around ten days.

The operation usually takes up to two hours to complete.

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Soft Thread Lift London Soft Thread Lift

Soft Thread Lift

Touted as the ‘non-surgical-facelift’, the soft thread lift is an option for those who are starting to see premature ageing and a loss of support in the lower face. You may expect to see nasolabial lines and jowls forming, and you may have lost definition along the jawline. Eliminating the need for invasive surgery, the soft thread lift tightens ageing skin and stimulates collagen production for a more youthful appearance.

At 111 Harley St., our highly-experienced, qualified and certified Doctors or nurses will perform your procedure.

The process begins with a thorough consultation, where we will discuss your aesthetic concerns and devise a unique thread-lift plan. The soft thread lift requires a local anaesthesia which allows for a faster recovery time and carries less risks than general anaesthesia. We carry out the operation in our own Harley St. theatre, which offers convenience and has the highest standards of hygiene and patient safety.

Temporary markings will indicate the lifting direction and entrance site of the threads.

Bio directional PDO threads are the first threads that we use and insert through a cannula or micro-needle. Following this, we may also use uni-directional threads to treat the neck, jawline, marionette and nasolabial folds. They are beneficial for creating a more natural contouring effect. The nurse or Doctor will then remove the cannula, and the threads remain in place.

The threads will form a semi-permanent support structure for the face with the lifting effect at a peak around six months later. The results last approximately 18 months but vary from patient to patient.

The procedure usually takes around 45-60 minutes, depending on the size of the area and the number of threads.

An ageing face can manifest itself in several ways; sagging, wrinkles, loss of volume are some indications we might expect to see. The elasticity and collagen depletion can change the shape of the face and its support structure. Some of the earlier signs (after changes in skin texture) are lower facial sagging, premature jowls and brow ptosis.

A soft thread lift will introduce PDO threads through a cannula. The skin grips to the barbs or cones on the thread. The biodegradable threads form a support structure that work to lift, contour and tighten sagging skin through stimulating the body’s natural regenerative process.

By provoking the body’s natural healing response, the procedure promotes the growth of new collagen which surround the filaments, giving the skin a rejuvenated appearance, that progressively enhances over a year.

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