Uneven Skin Tone Treatment


Sometimes, all it takes to get rid of blackheads is a simple cleanse, tone and exfoliating method. Try introducing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and retinol, which will help to eliminate the bacteria and oiliness that can lead to blackheads and encourage cell renewal overall.

Pore strips

While not as widely used, Pore strips are a blackhead removal option. They stick to the skin with an adhesive, and then the strip is removed, removing the blackhead with it and once removed, the pore becomes unclogged. A common mistake that isn’t recommended is leaving the pore strip on the nose for too long; this can cause irritation to the skin. We also wouldn’t advise this treatment process for those who suffer from Rosacea or psoriasis.


Professional extraction is an excellent and efficient way to remove the impurities from the pore. Extracting the pore yourself is not always a good option as people often exert too much pressure and damage the cell lining, causing scarring. You’re also more likely to see infection and spread of acne by inflaming them through contamination of the tools and improper use of the equipment. Booking in the extraction with a skincare professional is the safest way to navigate extractions.

Chemical Peel for blackhead


Isolaz is a professional method of extraction often used by professional aestheticians. The technique involves three steps: a vacuum system to suck out the dirt and debris from the pores, followed by a laser to kill the remaining bacteria. The method enables deep extraction and allows other acne-fighting products and ingredients to penetrate the skin effectively.

Chemical skin peel

A chemical skin peel can be effective, but many different types and strengths depend on the patient’s skin type. Generally, a Jessner, glycolic, or salicylic acid seems to have the best results.


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