men's grooming day
men's grooming day



The Modern Man’s Multi-Masking

Dr Yannis advocates multi-masking due to their ability to deliver a high concentration of ingredients into the skin for time-conscious men. Our range of 111SKIN masks contains highly active compounds that target specific concerns so that you can alter your masking routine according to your needs. He explains that his go-to masks are the Celestial Black Diamond Masks (eye and face) due to their healing and reparative properties and fast penetration.


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men's grooming day



The Gentlemen’s Facial

Our menu of 8 facials are ideal for men who lead an active and fast-paced lifestyle and address male-focused concerns such as oiliness, large pores, and rough skin texture. For the city boys, Dr Yannis recommends the Regenerative facial that enlivens the complexion by using Cryotherapy-inspired skincare and cold-air therapy. The energising facial reduces puffiness, minimises dark circles and rejuvenates dull-looking skin and a fatigued complexion.


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men's grooming day



Grooming Kit Essentials

“A man’s skincare routine represents different skincare needs to women” he explains. “Male skin has more oil activity due to higher androgen levels”. He recommends starting your skincare routine with the Clinical Exfoliator to eliminate excess sebum and eradicate impurities. The exfoliating properties encourage cellular renewal to improve the texture of men’s skin.

Men also have a thicker stratum corneum, and their skin can be tough. The Y Theorem Day Cream is an all-rounder lightweight cream that doesn’t leave a sticky residue, yet helps to combat the premature ageing and texture changes that men experience.


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The Men's Grooming Kit Essentials

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