What's the best age for Facelift?

What Is the Best Age For a Facelift?

One of the most common questions asked is – How old do you have to be to have a facelift? The answer is no longer subject to a specific age group but more determined by how the skin’s structure changes. The most common signs to look for if contemplating a facelift are;

Wrinkles underneath the eyes.
Deep-set line around the eyes, nose and corners of the mouth.
Loss of jawline definition caused by jowling.
Excess fat deposits across and around the neck.


The Y Facelift

Pioneering Facial Surgery, Dr Yannis Alexandrides created the innovative Y Facelift procedure, which involves starting along the end of the jawline from the ear, with the tail end along the neck. Providing a more contoured defined area overall, the skin will be left rejuvenated and lifted.


Mini Facelift

A gentler approach compared to a full facelift, the mini facelift is ideal for those experiencing an early onset of the visible ageing process such as jowling, deeper set lines, wrinkles and a loss of rejuvenation. Leaving significantly less scarring, you can expect a quicker recovery with enhanced results.


3-D Surgical Facelift

A 3D Surgical Face Lift involves using fat-grafting techniques and transferring small yet vital amounts to the face to enhance, lift and sculpt results. A widely practised form of facial rejuvenation, the advanced state of surgery means that the fat tissue can be placed almost anywhere the patient requires. As a result, little to no fat injections are needed post-surgery, and the transformation lasts longer due to the fatty tissue supporting and enhancing the effect.

Therefore, if you are considering a Facelift procedure and notice the visible signs mentioned above, we always recommend consulting a medical professional and seeking their advice on the best solution for you and your skin.



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