Dr Yannis Alexandrides
Awarded Realself top 100 doctor


Founder and Director of 111HARLEY ST. as well as luxury skincare brand, 111SKIN, Dr Yannis Alexandrides is a pioneer in his field. Through both his surgical expertise and industry knowledge after practising for over 20 years, Dr Alexandrides is one of the top surgeons in plastic surgery with specialties in facial reconstruction and cosmetic surgery. His methodology focuses on a holistic approach that prioritises preservation and tailored surgeries, all bespoke to each treatment and concern. Using forward-thinking and innovative techniques, his work is a testament to his time, dedication, quality and service to the industry.

Expertise Include:
Cheek Fat
Fat Injections
Brow, Lip and Neck Lift
Scar Removal
Stem Cell Facelift
Chin Implant
Dermal Fillers
Ear Pinning
Torn Earlobe Repair
Navigation Featured Image Areola Reduction
Breast Enlargement
Lift and Reduction
Inverted Nipple Correction
Liposuction & Mole Removal


Rated and Reviewed

Nahed Eid

“The clinic and the staff are terrific, caring and knowledgeable professionals. As for Dr Y. Alexandrides, I feel so blessed to know him and to have him as my doctor. He is not only a thoughtful and compassionate doctor, but he is also an artist as he has artistic vision and meticulous technique, and he works passionately. He puts the patient’s interest above anything else, his professional ethics are always the basis for his patients’ treatment. Although Dr Yannis is an experienced plastic surgeon, he also appreciates the value of developing and sustaining well-nourished skin awareness. This has led him to professionally commit himself to developing a superior line of skin care products based upon scientific testing and integrity”.

Konstantina Staiko

“The calm demeanor and the professionalism of Dr. Alexandrides will make you trust him immediately. I had consulted 2 more surgeons in the past who focused on the restrictions of my body, which made me unwilling to proceed. Dr. Alexandrides saw my legs and immediately came up with solutions, to the point I can already see the desired results, 5 weeks post-operationally. The nurses were very attentive and knowledgeable, that gave me confidence I was in good hands”.


“Dr Yannis is an amazing surgeon. I would highly recommend him. I have been going to him for over 7 years and have recommended many people to him. Dr Yannis and his team are very professional as well as kind and thoughtful and deeply care for the individual thoughts and feelings to ensure you are happy with any procedure you may have. The after care of the surgery I had was amazing and the team at 111 Harley Street went above and beyond to ensure I was well and happy. I will continue to use Dr Yannis and will continue to recommend him as he is the best surgeon I have come across”.


“I had an abdominoplasty and liposuction in 4 areas to complement.
I’m currently 10 weeks post-op, I am extremely happy with the results so far. Not only is Dr Yannis an amazing surgeon, but also the aftercare at 111 Harley Street is amazing. Zuzana specifically is a wonderful nurse. The whole team was brilliant. I highly recommend 111!”


“I received a great service from Dr. Yannis. He made sure he explained every detail of the procedure to me and this helped me to make an informed decision to go ahead with it. The service received from the team was very exceptional. I would highly recommend their service”


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