Aesthetic Trends in 2022

Thermage FLX

Skin Tightening

In 2021 alone, searches have risen by 300% on google when looking for skin tightening procedures. On the back of a lockdown, consumers have never been so focused on their body health, both internally and externally. Similarly, they find that body sculpting no longer has to involve such expensive and invasive surgeries. In 2022, you can expect to see an increase in people looking into skin tightening treatments, mainly focusing on their stomach, arms and thighs. With radiofrequency treatments specifically becoming more popular, the technology invites more people to consider the less invasive approach to body contouring.

Treatments to consider: Accent Skin Tightening, Endermologie & Thermage FLX.

Laser Hair Removal for men

Hair Removal

Laser hair removal continues to rise in 2022, with consumers taking advantage of the treatment’s innovative technology. Treating both the face and body and lasers treating all skin tones, many more consumers are open to the idea of hair removal.

Treatments to consider: Cynosure Laser Hair Removal.


Acne Treatment

With the surge in cases around maskne, more and more people are experiencing acne. As a result, we can expect acne to increase. The skin condition alongside pigmentation concerns is what the doctors hope to be a focus in 2022. Tackling acne head-on, treatments such as IPL and chemical peels will rise in the coming year.

Treatments to Consider: Dye-VL, Chemical Peels, iPixel, ClearSkin.

Chemical Peel for blackhead

The Chemical Peel

The more intensive and potent chemical peels will continue to be a dominant in-clinic treatment for their transformative results. Still, you can expect an introduction to milder chemical peels both in-clinic and at-home. Skincare will become geared with targeted actives to treat, brighten and even the skin. The clinic will diversify its range of peels considering light to be moderate and intense chemical treatments.
Treatments to Consider: EnerPeel, Obagi Blue Peel


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