Bare Your BMI In Mind

As a body contouring treatment instead of a weight loss procedure, liposuction is highly effective in toning the body but will not promote severe weight loss. You always have to consider your BMI, and often those with a BMI above 35 should take note that there is a limit on procedures like Liposuction. Whilst a good amount of fat can be removed, it may not make a considerable or notable difference to the overall body size. For the most advanced results, a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits are recommended alongside the treatment instead of just the procedure itself.


Doesn’t Remove Cellulite

Caused by fibres pulling down on the skin and fat pushing against the skin, cellulite is prevalent. Liposuction can help reduce the fat, but it ultimately won’t eliminate cellulite and recommended skin tightening and radiofrequency treatments are also advised alongside.


Won’t End Lifestyle Habits

When it comes to your lifestyle, this requires mental and physical change alongside surgical treatment. Although Liposuction can address some concerns, areas such as healthy eating have to be readily implemented. Prioritising healthy eating instead of refined sugars and fats will help to maintain results.


Won’t Reduce Weight

Liposuction will not dramatically reduce your weight but will help contour the body instead.

Won’t Tighten Skin or Remove Cellulite

Outside of fat removal, skin laxity doesn’t change before or after liposuction. In cases like these, we often recommend a skin tightening treatment such as Accent Prime or Liposonix if this is your primary degree of concern. Similarly, post-healing may recommend a treatment plan to introduce skin tightening for an overall tightened appearance.


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