Masseter Botox

Medically known as Massater Botox, this injectable treatment helps relax the muscles in your jawlines to ease any dreaded pain or tension. An ideal treatment for those who experience tension headaches, tight jawlines or pain from the grinding of teeth at night, masseter botox temporarily blocks nerve signals in the masseter muscle, preventing the movement.

What is Massater Botox recommended for?
The treatment can be recommended for many concerns such as;

– Reducing tension and consistency of teeth grinding
– Reducing jaw clenching, pressure and pain
– Relieving headaches
– Carving a square jaw
– Creating a balanced facial shape

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What to expect from a Masseter Botox treatment?

A thorough consultation is carried out like any procedure or treatment at 111 Harley St., walking through the treatment and answering any questions you may have. Following on from your consultation, the appointment for your treatment will be made.

The area will be prepped and cleaned in the treatment itself to avoid any risk of infection before numbing the area.

Preparing the botox syringe, it will then be inserted into the masseter muscle, where the botox itself will be directly injected into the muscle. This will then be repeated on the other side and completed after 15 minutes.

After the treatment is complete, you’ll need to do the following – avoid rubbing the treated areas and place pressure for 2 weeks after the treatment. Avoid exercise and alcohol for 24 hours after the treatment.

*You can expect to see some mild swelling post-treatment, but this should subside after 3 days. If not, please seek an expert’s help.

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Any side effects?

Like any medical treatment, there are side effects to consider;

– Mild swelling (however, this is normal and should subside after a day or two).
– Redness
– Itching and irritation
– Infection
– Inflammatory skin reaction
– Skin lumps

*If you receive any side effects longer than recommended, please consult your doctor.

Jaw Augmentation Alternatives

While jawline filler is a common and popular treatment, it isn’t always an option for everyone; therefore, other options are as hared below;
– Diet and exercise to lose fat.
Botox can also be used to help slim the face and also alleviate any jaw pain from clenching teeth.
Accent Prime helps to kill fat cells under the chin over time.
Jaw Surgery is the most invasive option but with permanent results.

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