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The types of Facial Contouring

Facial contouring is not resigned to a specific gender. Both men and women can experience the benefits of this cosmetic procedure. Areas of the face that can be adjusted are as follows;
– Square jaw
– Enhanced chin
– Enhanced cheeks
– Enhanced or asymmetrical mouth

How is a procedure performed?

While this is primarily based on what concerns you want to treat, the typical procedure will involve a thorough consultation walking through your concerns, desires and expectations with our experts. Before the procedure, a CT scan will be carried out to understand your face’s structure, bones, and DNA. During the actual procedure, you will be put under general anaesthesia (and using the CT scan for the surgeon’s guide). They will make several changes required. This can range between the jawline and chin enhancement, with most focus spent around the nose, cheekbones, forehead, cheeks, and lips.

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A range of options can be altered, including:

– Facial implants
– Graft and tissue transfers
Buccal Fat removal
– Bone trimming
Chin implants or jawline contouring
– Reduction malarplasty
Chin advancing surgery
Facial liposuction
Blepharoplasty or eyelid lift
– Submental lipectomy or neck lift
Brow lift
– Earlobe repair or ear pinning
Jaw bone reduction
– V-line surgery
Double jaw surgery
Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping.

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Jaw Reduction

Reducing the jawline’s size, structure, and prominence, jaw reduction can be achieved during a facial contouring surgical procedure. In line with several other changes or a dedicated jaw reduction treatment, this option is favoured for those wanting to improve the appearance of their jaw – either wide or narrow. The procedure involves removing bone from the jaw and chin and tightening any loose and lax skin for advanced and tremendous results.

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Chin Implants

You would be surprised how the chin can completely proportionate and angle the face. Many patients have complained that their chin is too prominent or not prominent enough, affecting the face’s overall symmetry. Chin implants can harmonise and improve balance, symmetry, and front and side profile. We recommend a consultation to discuss your overall options.

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