Blepharoplasty for Sagging Eyelids

Blepharoplasty or commonly known as ‘Eyelid Surgery’. This procedure involves getting rid of any excess skin from around the area that may be causing sagging and the appearance of fatigue. Extensive but transformative, the periorbital area will appear lifted and tightened, creating an overall youthful appearance.

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Canthoplasty for Sagging Eyelids

The Canthoplasty procedure involves tightening the muscles and ligaments on the outer eyelid by shaping and repositioning the upper outer corner of the eye. Performed on the lateral canthus (where the lower eyelid meets the upper eyelid), a small incision is made to reposition and tighten the area. With the procedure taking approximately 1-2 hours, we will provide you with a shield to protect the eyes post-surgery, depending on the surgeon’s method.

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Thermage FLX for Eyes treating Sagging Eyelids


Non-invasive Thermage FLX uses radiofrequency to tighten and contour the eye area by stimulating the skin’s collagen and elastin production for a plump and brightened result. Not as permanent compared to surgical options, but Thermage FLX is budget-friendly and a popular choice for those wanting non-surgical options with similarly transformative results.

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