PRP Therapy

A treatment that is recommended for both men and women experiencing hair loss, PRP can help slow or stop the progression of thinning as well as pattern baldness and alopecia. By encouraging exciting hair follicles and new healthy cells, hair will appear fuller and more beneficial over time by stimulating collagen, elastin, and follicle growth.

Why PRP?

A hair transplant can not only be a lengthy procedure and timely downtime, but it can also be expensive. Suitable for those experiencing hair loss (minus medical conditions such as a scalp injection, anaemia and diabetes), PRP for hair rejuvenation and restoration is relatively quick, requires minimal downtime, and results will appear natural with no surgical considerations needed.

What are the benefits of PRP?

Significant increase in new hair follicles for hair growth.
Decreased hair dystrophy and a burning/itching scalp sensation.
It can be an effective treatment for alopecia areata.


What is involved in a PRP treatment for hair loss?

Once you have consulted with our experts, you will be walked through the procedure on the day. Typically lasting between 30-60 minutes, blood will be drawn from your arm before being placed in a centrifuge. Separating the platelets from within the blood and extracting the platelet-rich plasma will then be concentrated and re-injected into the scalp via micro-injections to the targeted area. While there is no downtime for the treatment, we recommend avoiding strenuous exercise 24 hours post-treatment.

The recommended treatments for PRP Hair loss?

The best results for hair growth when considering PRP is 3-6 recommended treatments that are 4-6 weeks apart. You can expect to see the results from your treatment two-three months post-treatment, lasting up to 18 months (which you may want to book a follow-up treatment).

Don’t feel that you have to suffer from hair loss and that a hair transplant is your only option. PRP for hair loss could be the treatment you have been waiting for.



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