What can it be used for?

HArmonyCa is a facial filler, ideal for targeting lower and mid facial hollowness, crepiness or wrinkles. It stands out from other fillers because it can be used to stimulate collagen in the buccal fat facial region – which most fillers cannot.





What’s so great about it?

One of the best things about HArmonyCa is that it provides a dual-effect – one that provides an immediate lift from the hyaluronic acid (HA) it contains and then an additional sustained result – from the lasting collagen stimulation thanks to its other component, calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA). It’s a fantastic hybrid injectable that can also resolve a wide range of atrophy issues and provide immense structural support, all while re-volumizing sunken and aged skin.

Unlike most single-agent approaches and traditional dermal fillers, HArmonyCa is a hybrid filler that works to target the multi-dimensional needs of the skin as it ages, this unique filler has the combined benefits that comes with a HA lift and the lasting collagen stimulation of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHa).


What are the other benefits?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) are at the core of HArmonyCA. It also contains lidocaine, a numbing agent which minimises any discomfort experienced.

It contains CaHa microspheres which support the body’s own collagen production and works deep within the dermis to form a scaffold for the internal growth of fibroblasts. This helps to:

  • Produce new collagen fibre as early as 1 week after injection.
  • Induce related remodelling of the extracellular matrix – which plays an important role in cell growth, cell movement, and other cell functions. It helps repair damaged tissues. The extracellular matrix is also involved in repairing damaged tissue.

It also contains a gross-linked HA gel and as the HA particles diffuse between the collagen fibres of the lower dermal layer, allowing HArmonyCa to create an immediate lifting effect.


Why do I have hollow skin? 

HArmonyCa targets the loss of volume and loss of soft-tissue structural support that is commonly experienced during senescence.

Cellular senescence is the name of the biological process that describes the natural degradation of cells which is responsible for the formation of wrinkles, loss of volume and laxity issues. The most important anti-ageing elements of the skin are collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – and together they are powerhouse, each one playing a vital role in keeping the skin looking healthy. However, as time goes on, their levels naturally decline which is when the visible signs of ageing are seen.

Collagen is often described as the skin’s building blocks and provides strength and support to the rest of your skin. Elastin, derived from the Greek word ‘elastos’ – meaning flexibility – is essential in maintaining your skin’s firmness and its ability to ‘spring back’ into place, and hyaluronic acid, found in HArmonyCa, is responsible for keeping the skin plump and volumized.

What HArmonyCa does is help replenish and restore your skin’s vitality and encourage the production of two of the above essential anti-ageing proteins. As a biostimulator it works to restore your vitality with its youth-enhancing ingredients, hyaluronic acid (HA) and calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHa), which together they work to stimulate collagen and replace the lost HA.


How long does it last?

The effects of HArmonyCa can last for up to three years. This is due to the regeneration effects of CaHA meaning that after every treatment, you can expect lasting and rejuvenating results and a sustained effect – and it’s exactly this that has quickly led to the popularity of HArmonyCa injectable appointments at 111 Harley St.


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