1. Bare in Mind Your BMI

“As a body contouring treatment instead of a weight loss procedure, liposuction uk is highly effective in toning the body and should be seen as a last resort, once you have exhausted your other options such as regular exercise and healthy lifestyle changes.” says Mr Reza.

“You always have to consider your BMI as while a good amount of fat can be removed, it may not make a considerable or notable difference to the overall body size, especially if you are on the higher end of the BMI scale,” explains Mr Reza.

“For the most advanced results, a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits are recommended alongside the treatment instead of just the procedure itself”

2. Liposuction Does Not Remove Cellulite Or Stretch Marks

“Cellulite is caused by fibres pulling down on the skin and fatty tissue pushing upwards against it. This causes the dimpling. Often, people assume that cellulite will be completely diminished through surgical fat removal techniques, like Liposuction, and while it is safe to say it is improved it doesn’t go away completely.” Mr Reza says.

Luckily, 111 Harley St. being the home of surgical and non-surgical treatments it is, after your Liposuction treatment, our team can assist you in finding the right skin-tightening, cellulite-removing treatment we have (from lasers, light, microneedling to radiofrequency).

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3. Endermologie is Recommended

Endermologie is a type of massage that can help enhance your procedure, pre and post-surgery,” Mr Reza explains, “It can be used on the face and the body, but for Liposuction specifically, it helps to tighten the skin, addressing cellulite and promotes lymphatic activity, which speeds up the effects of Liposuction.”

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4. Liposuction is Not Your Only Option

“I perform many types of Body Surgeries and a lot of them involve removing fat. Liposuction is often combined with the following procedures.”

“Belt Lipocemy – Targets both sides of your body, where your belt would sit, commonly nicknamed ‘love handles’ – this procedure involves removing skin and fatty tissue.

Tummy Tuck – Combines Liposuction, skin removal, and muscle tightening to give you transformative results.

Arm Lift or Thigh Lift – Similar to a Tummy Tuck, but performed on the arms or thighs to remove unwanted fat.” (Performed by Dr Yannis).

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“After liposuction recovery, which involves wearing a compression garment for around 6 weeks and attending your post-op appointments to have Celluma LED Light Treatments to minimise scarring… You’ll then be able to enjoy the lasting effects of Liposuction.” Mr Reza says “As surgical procedures have the biggest longevity, you can expect your liposuction results to last as long as you maintain the same weight you have following your surgery.”

Mr Reza Alamouti

Having trained and practiced in many prestigious institutions, Mr Reza specialises in all our Body Surgeries at 111 Harley St., and his many years of experience and the results he creates, has not only enhanced our Surgical Team but changed the lives of his patients.

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