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Ground Zero

Celebrity Lottie Moss, Kate Moss’s half-sister, shared her Lip Filler dissolving process on Instagram, and other celebrities such as Blac Chyna, Courtney Cox, reality TV stars Gemma Collins, Chloe Sims and Molly-Mae, have all spoken openly about dissolving dermal fillers – following suit that the new look is going back to ground zero. Whilst we can’t herald dermal fillers or lip fillers as dead just yet, because there are still loved by many people, especially when expertly administered by experienced professionals, we can say that choosing to fill or dissolve is a personal choice, and we think it’s important to provide a little education into how the process of dissolving dermal fillers works.

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What is filler dissolving?

As traditional FDA-approved dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, the process of dissolving them is quite straightforward. It requires something to break down hyaluronic acid. Seems easy right?

The type of filler dissolver we use at our Harley Street clinic is called Hyalase®. Hyalase is an injectable, but rather than delivering hyaluronic acid, like Dermal Fillers do, they diffuse and reabsorb it. It is made from a natural enzyme, called hyaluronidase, that diminishes lumpiness and can rectify filler migration that can occur when administered incorrectly. Some patients choose to get their fillers dissolved and then re-filled, overall it can be reassuring to know that the effects of fillers are temporary and can be solved by visiting a professional!

The main ingredient of Hyalase is hyaluronidase, as mentioned earlier, and this is an active enzyme that occurs naturally in the body and is the opposite of hyaluronic acid – it’s the antithesis of it as rather than volumizing, it has de-puffing qualities as degrades the molecular bonds. One of the indications of Hyalase is that for it to be successful a lot has to be used. This is because hyaluronidase is rapidly deactivated by the body so for it to be its most effective and give the best results, it must be injected close to the filler.

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How long does it take to see results?

Immediately after the treatment, that takes roughly ten minutes, you may see subtle improvements and see an overall more deflated appearance, but you’ll see the full results in a few days. It’s during these few days when the synthesis occurs.

Is it painful?

Given the nature of any injectable treatment, some stinging can be experienced.

Are fillers bad?

According to a study conducted by Allergan, the globally-leading creator of dermal fillers and bio collagen stimulators, ‘over the next two years, 7.4M+ of all female considerers plan to get a facial injectable.’

So with this in mind, there’s no doubting the popularity of dermal fillers, however, there is a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not they are ‘bad’.

The fillers we use at our clinic have been created safely and you can be assured that they have met the rigorous requirements that have deemed them safe for use. In this respect, there are no bad fillers.

This is why it is essential to go to an established clinic and have any fillers performed by a trained, experienced practitioner (at our clinic we have both an Aesthetic Doctor and Nurse), so this should be your absolute standard. A non-negotiable.

Fillers, when done well, should look unnoticeable and by this we mean that they should suit your face so well that it leaves your friends and loved ones wondering why you look so good! However, fillers are often labelled bad when too much product is used, your face looks over-filled and due to technique, the filler has become lumpy or migrated – these can all be avoided by doing to a trusted aesthetic professional.


Filler Alternatives

In our clinic, we’ve seen a rise in the popularity of bio-stimulators, those that have the lift of a dermal filler but also work two-fold to rejuvenate your skin and stimulate collagen from within for beautifully natural results.

Some of the newest technology in collagen stimulators we have available in or clinic. Discover Nucleadyn and HArmonyCa for yourself.



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