Are Thread Lifts Any Good?

Yes! One of the best things about threads is that they can be suitable for adults who have seen, or are seeing the first signs of sagging in their skin. It’s also great for those looking for collagen stimulation, better oxygenation, or rejuvenation.

Another thing that makes them so good, is their versatility: they can be administered all over the face, from the jawline to the neck, while also being able to reshape the brow and eye area for the coveted ‘cat-eye’ look or temporarily mimic the effect of a surgical brow lift.

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Another way in which sensational Aesthetic Doctor, Dr Ivona uses Soft Threads is in a Non-Surgical BBL, or Spider Web Thread Lift as it is often called thanks to the way the threads are placed in a spider web-like structure. It offers a natural sustained lift to give you BBL like result – without ever undergoing surgery.

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How long does a Soft Thread Lift last?

Often some factors that can impact the result of regeneration will depend and change from individual to individual, and may be affected by factors such as age and how advanced the signs of ageing on the skin are, but generally, a guide is around two years.

The biggest difference between Soft Threads, or PDO threads, and other Dermal Fillers or botulinum toxins is that they do not last as long. There are numerous brands including Silhouette Soft Thread Lifts and Mint Soft Threat Lifts – the latter being our preference due to the outstanding results produced. Threads are not just performing an instant lift, which is visible immediately, they also offer regenerative properties with collagen production after 40 days, delivering an organic and stable lift.­­

Can a thread lift go wrong?

In our clinic we’ve had no complications because of Thread Lifts thanks to our experienced medical practitioners and use of high quality products, however in the industry you do hear of some horror stories, which is why when people usually ask this question they are asking whether the threads can snap.

There are three ways to ensure this never happens. The first is by ensuring you go to a recognised expert with the correct certification and qualifications. The second, is by also ensuring they are experienced (which Dr Ivona has over 20 years of). The third, is seeking a clinic that is also reputable and endorses the use of only the best products.

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What is a Soft Thread Facelift?

A Soft Thread Facelift is a nickname for a full facial rejuvenation using just threads and due to the lifting, transformative effect they can produce. It is often recommended for patients who want a dramatic lift but are apprehensive about undergoing a surgical procedure.

How much does a Soft Thread Lift cost?

The pricing may vary, which can start from around £1500 and can vary depending on whether you want your treatment done by Dr Ivona or Aesthetic Nurse Claudia.

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