Buttock Lift

Similarly to the Breasts, the buttocks can show signs of ageing and can begin to sag and lose elasticity, causing it to lose shape. A buttock lift can help correct this by removing excess skin from the areas around it.

Benefits Of A Buttock Lift

A lifted more ‘perky’ posterior.

What to expect

How Long The Procedure Takes

The procedure takes approximately two to three hours and patients are usually required to stay for one to two nights post procedure.


One of our surgeons will advise you on how he will reshape your buttocks. Once you are happy, the surgeon draws lines on your body to indicate the new shape. We perform this procedure under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will remove excess and sagging skin from the body to tighten and lift the buttocks if required or may refer you to a treatment like Thermage as a non-surgical alternative.


Depending on the individual patient, recovery times will vary. The majority of patients are able to return to work two/three weeks after surgery. We require patients to attend four to five post-operative visits to the clinic.

*Please note that this is an indicated recovery time and healing time are unique to each individual. Results, scarring and recovery rates vary from patient to patient. They are dependent on a number of factors including expectations, genetics, lifestyle, the extent of surgery, medical history etc.

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