Upper Lip Lift

A lip lift can also make the lips appear fuller as a result of exposing an area that was previously not noticeable which can also make the teeth more visible. A lip lift is a cosmetic procedure that shortens the space between the nose and the lip to cure ‘a stiff upper lip’ or to create a more youthful appearance.

As we age, our lips begin to lose plumpness and start to droop. Sometimes this drooping can even make it look like we are frowning due to a downturned appearance.

Enhance Your Smile With A Lip Lift

What does the procedure involve?

On the day, your surgeon will once again speak to you about the desired outcome of the operation. The surgeon marks up the skin. The surgeon will cut out the pre marked area of skin. He ensures that the scar will be almost invisible right below the nose.*

Is the scar visible?

Scaring is minimal and often goes unnoticed because the point of the incision is right under the nose where the eye naturally sees a crease.

What is the recovery period?

After a lip lift you can usually return to normal activities after 6 weeks.*

The surgery itself is a relatively quick and painless procedure and does not require general anaesthetic or an overnight hospital stay.

Lip Lift Surgery

An Ideal Candidate for a Lip Lift is…

   Searching for more youthful looking lips
   Wanting a plumper looking pout
   Aspiring to create a more ‘toothy’ smile

Prices start from £3,190

He lifted my top lip so subtly, he obviously knows exactly how the angles of a beautiful lip should look, because he got it exactly how I wanted it, without me having to explain so much. The perfect “lozenge” shape. Everyone who I came into contact with was friendly, warm and helpful. I’m really happy with my new lips!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I know what my results are likely to look like?

The results of a lip lift procedure will vary from patient to patient and largely depend on the patient’s own anatomy and lip shape/size. During your consultation, your Doctor will describe the results you can hope to obtain. They will usually use a mirror and photos of your face to help explain in detail how your new lips will look. At 111 Harley St. we use 3D imagery to take before photos which we then manipulate to give you an idea of how your results may look.

Can I still have a filler in my lips?

Yes, you can still have fillers after your lip lift procedure. You might not need as much volume to get a good result.

What if I want to have a lip implant – can I have this at the same time?

It’s possible to have a lip implant procedure at the same time as your lip lift. This would need to be discussed during your consultation.

Do I need both a central and corner lip lift?

Whether you need a central or corner lip lift will depend on your anatomy before the operation, however, most people would need both central and corner lip lift which is possible through the upper lip lift.

How can I know whether my surgeon will give me the outcome I desire?

During your consultation, the surgeon will describe to you the results you can realistically expect to achieve. These results may not always be aligned with your ideal image, and so you may need to adjust your expectations.

What is the best option for me and how do different surgical methods differ?

The upper lip lift can be modified to your natural anatomy – your shape and size of your lips. During your consultation, your Doctor will explain the best option for you.

Will there be discomfort, bruising or swelling, and for how long?

The recovery for a lip lift comparatively with other operations is relatively easy with minimal discomfort. There is usually no bruising, and minimal swelling which approximately lasts 7-10 days.

How satisfied are patients with the surgery?

Lip lift surgery is one of the most successful operations. It helps patients achieve aesthetic outcomes that are attractive and natural. With ageing, the philtrum can elongate, and the lips can become thinner. With a lip lift, a more aesthetically pleasing upper lip can be created.

Am I suitable for a lip lift?

Whether or not you are suitable for lip lift surgery will be determined at your consultation. Generally, it is those with a longer philtrum and/or thin upper lips. Patients may consider a lip lift when non-surgical surgical options such as dermal filler cannot improve the appearance. People who are healthy are usually suitable for this operation.

What are the contraindications for a lip lift?

People who have a short philtrum length, large lips, scarring of the upper lip, or people with severe medical conditions are not good candidates for this operation.

Does the surgery require a general anaesthetic or hospitalisation?

This operation is performed under local anaesthesia, in our clinic, therefore, no need to visit a hospital.

How long does the procedure take?

A lip lift procedure usually takes half an hour.

When will the results be seen?

The results can be seen almost immediately after the operation, and within a week, the patient can wear makeup and socialise.

What about the scars following Lip Lift?

Scarring is placed just under the nose area and on top of the lip, at the border between the lip and the nose. It’s concealed very well, and with time, the scarring should eventually fade until it is barely noticeable to the naked eye. Of course, this varies from patient to patient, and scarring may be more prominent on some than on others.

What are the risks of this surgery?

The risks of this operation include hypertrophic scarring, infection and bleeding. Minor side effects include bruising and swelling.

Lip Lift Surgery Disclaimer

Photographs depicting before & after treatment photos are not guarantees that your results will be the same or even similar. Everyone is unique therefore it’s likely that your results may vary. Our practitioners take great pride in their treatments which require advanced techniques. It is of utmost importance to them that they delivery exemplary care and excellent natural results.

*Scarring may vary from patient to patient

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