Laser Hair Removal

Our unique laser hair removal services allows patients to opt to remove hair from all areas of the body / face, rather than the alternative processes which are often time-consuming and painful. Shaving, waxing, threading or other epilation techniques take time and can often seem pointless when it grows back so quickly.

Laser Hair Removal is Fast & Pain-Free

Hair can also grow in unwanted places and ultimately can leave us feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. Some women may have it on their face, and men may have excessive growth on their back or chest, which can affect their self-confidence. For both men and women, shaving is often part of the daily routine and is time-consuming.

How many treatments are required?

An average of 60% in reduction can occur following one course of eight treatments, however, this varies from patient to patient. The effectiveness of the treatment is also related to the follicle colour. You may also require maintenance treatments once or twice a year to maintain results, depending on your skin type and ethnicity.

Who would benefit from this treatment?

If you have excessive growth, unwanted body or facial hair or no longer want to go through the time-consuming processes associated with other methods of removal, then this may be the ideal solution for you. Suitable for all skin types, whether you are fair, Asian or African, laser hair removal reduces and eliminates it. It is suitable for brown or black hair, unfortunately, it cannot treat red, blonde, grey or white because the follicle needs to be dark and enriched with melanin in order to be removed.

What to expect?

The area is treated in a systematic fashion, therefore ensuring the entire surface is exposed and the maximum number of follicles affected.

Laser devices use a concentrated beam of light, which passes through the skin to individual follicles disconnecting its blood supply, so preventing future growth.

There is no downtime following a treatment.  Areas that are quite bony such as the ankle or elbow are the least comfortable to treat, and local anaesthetic cream can be supplied if required.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments in our London Clinic

Regular shaving can also cause ingrown hairs; this is particularly a problem in areas where it is much coarser. Ingrowns can be a nuisance and can become sore and therefore infected.


  • The device can be used all over the body
  • The treatment is rapid. Each pulse only takes a fraction of a second. Small areas, such as above the lip can be treated in a matter of minutes. More substantial areas like the legs or chest in an hour.
  • It is precise due to the laser selectively targetting the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. It is both predictable and long-lasting, by removing up to 79% after a course.
  • Patients like it because it is safe, reliable, cost-efficient, time-saving and relatively painless.*

*We appreciate that pain is subjective and patient’s pain thresholds vary.

Between Treatments

You can continue to shave or trim between your sessions. However, any means of grooming that involves removing the follicle from the root must stop once the treatment course begins.

Our hair responds differently to lasers at various stages in its growth cycle. Only one-third is in its growth stage at any one time. Hence why a course of treatments is required to reduce as much as possible. Typically, body areas such as the legs or chest might need 6-8 treatments and facial areas 8-12 treatments. You may require maintenance treatments once or twice a year. It depends on your skin type, ethnicity, and any hormonal changes such as pregnancy.

Why choose 111 Harley St. for Laser Hair Removal?

  • All of our aesthetic practitioners are trained to the highest standard in order to ensure your treatment plan is tailored to give the best results.
  • Our device uses the two safest and most effective wavelengths, as a result, we can perform more than one laser treatment during a single visit. If you have other concerns which might be treated by lasers, such as thread veins or scarring, these can be dealt with in one session.
  • Our ethos is to ensure the best results for our clients and thus using the best technology available.

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Treatment Area(s)Single
Course of 8
Save 25%

Earlobes; Between Eyebrows; Nose£35£210

Upper Lip; Cheeks; Nipples; Fingers; Toes£75£450

Chin; Sideburns; Jawline; Naval Pubis; Perianal£85£510

Hands & Fingers; Feet & Toes; Upper Lip & Chin; Jawline & Chin; Jawline & Sideburns; Neck; Underarms; Bikini£105£630

Upper Lip, Chin & Jawline; Chin, Jawline & Sideburns; Brazilian inc Perianal; Shoulder Blades; Shoulders£125£750

Half Face; Bikini & Under Arms; Hollywood inc Perianal; Lower or Upper Arms; Abdomen; Chest; Half Back; Buttock£150£900

Full Face; Brazilian & Under Arms£180£1,080

Full Face & Neck; Hollywood & Under Arms; Lower Leg; Full Arms£210£1,260

Thighs; Full Back & Shoulder Blades£240£1,440

Full Back, Shoulder Blades & Shoulders,
Lower Leg & Bikini (any type)
Full Leg

Full Back, Shoulder Blades, Shoulders & Upper Arms;
Lower Leg, Bikini (any type) & Under Arms
Full Leg & Bikini (any type)

Full Leg & Bikini (any type) & Under Arms£480£2,880

Men’s Upper Body inc any / all: Chest, Abdomen, Full Back, Shoulder Blades, Shoulders, Upper Arms£550£3,300

Women’s Full Body inc any / all: Chest, Abdomen, Full Back, Buttocks, Full Arms, Under Arms, Bikini, Perianal, Full Leg£600£3,600

Men’s Full Body inc any / all: Chest, Abdomen, Full Back, Buttocks, Full Arms, Under Arms, Bikini, Perianal, Full Leg£700£4,200

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