Thermage is Hollywood’s secret treatment for younger, smoother looking skin. Our lifestyle choices, like smoking drinking and hectic work schedules, can all affect your skin’s appearance. It is an ideal way to maintain a youthful appearance.

As early as our twenties, our collagen levels begin to decrease, meaning skin looks less plump and less smooth. Elastin fibres, which give skin its stretch, also begin to wear and even break.

Thermage Tightens Skin with Precision

What to expect?

This revolutionary new procedure uses radio frequencies to stimulate collagen production, causing your skin to tighten its internal structure naturally.

What is Comfort Pulse Technology?

CPT uses a revolutionary vibrating handpiece that delivers Thermage’s skin tightening effect, this new system allows improved results by allowing the heat to penetrate more deeply while still maintaining comfort for the patient. CPT also means only one radio frequency tightening appointment is needed for visible improvement.

Even the best skincare regime cannot stop the signs of ageing completely; it may help slow down the effects over time, but you may still start to notice fine lines and wrinkles appearing.


Why Thermage?

  • A specialised skin treatment approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), the world’s toughest medical approval authority
  • Natural approach to skin rejuvenation
  • Intensive procedure which only requires one session
  • Gradual improvement over six months
  • Results last two to three years
  • No recovery time as the skin is not damaged during treatment
  • You can easily fit it into your routine

Check out just a few of our thermage before and after pictures below:

Thermage Tightening Treatment Disclaimer

Photographs depicting before & after treatment photos are not guarantees that your outcome will be the same or even similar. Everyone is unique therefore it’s likely that it may vary. Our practitioners take great pride in their treatments which require advanced techniques. Factors like age, ethnicity and lifestyle play a significant part in the overall outcome.

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