Confirmation of our vision and expertise realised comes in the form of the greatest compliment: read just a few cosmetic surgery reviews from happy patients. We proudly share some stories on our website and hundreds more in our clinic.

111 Harley St. Reviews


My name is Carmem. I am 38 years old mom of two gorgeous toddler boys.

After having two planned Caesarean sections, my stomach was not only limp and full of stretch marks, but my stomach muscles were quite damaged causing intense pain in my lower back. I’ve done nearly six months of physiotherapy plus exercises and diets to help with my severe back pain and to try to look more normal. My younger son was almost two years old, and I looked like I was six months pregnant. My stomach did not go back to normal as it did after I gave birth to my first child (3years of age). I had to wear maternity clothes as my legs, arms, and breasts were of reasonable size, but my stomach was huge. Nothing fitted me properly. I had to shop for maternity clothes. I was always asked by people how far in the pregnancy I was, even though I wasn’t pregnant. My confidence diminished and feeling awful. It was causing problems with my marriage as I was very depressed.

I’ve asked friends if they knew a good surgeon who could help me. I knew no matter how much exercise I did my tummy would never go back to normal. Having visited other clinics in Harley Street, I did not feel certain and confident. I was going through a major surgery; I needed to feel confident about my surgeon.

One of my friends mention Dr Yannis Alexandrides, and I immediately remembered him from the Channel 4 series Embarrassing Bodies.

I’ve contacted the clinic and made an appointment with Dr Alexandrides.

Dr Alexandrides were very kind and understanding of my situation. He put me at ease when he explained the procedure to me. I was a bit nervous as I have a few health issues, therefore I had a second consultation. Dr Alexandrides asked me to make some changes to my diet. After a month, I was ready for surgery.

Due to my health conditions, I’ve stayed two nights in the hospital, but the surgery was a success. As soon as I was conscious, I could tell the difference straight away even though I was quite swollen.

Now I do not suffer from terrible and agonising back pain. I’m able to do exercises without putting too much strain on my back. I no longer wear maternity clothes and was able to play with my boys without feeling pain. I’m ready to lift myself from bed without rolling to on side (before surgery I had no core muscles; I wasn’t able to do abdominal exercises neither lift myself from bed). Finally, my life was getting back to normal.

Thank you so much for helping me. The hospital facilities were comfortable, and the after care has been great. I’m delighted with the result.



“My name is Alison Kimber. I am 66 years old and I was getting a little bit annoyed and fed up with the extra fatty tissues that had grown on my upper eyelids as it kept interfering with my makeup, especially my mascara it would go just about everywhere other than on the eyelashes. A cousin of mine some 25 to 30 years ago had what is now known as an upper blepharoplasty procedure done, which was done in 111 Harley St. and suggested going there. The doctor has now since retired, but has an extremely competent plastic surgeon who took his place.

His name is Dr Yannis Alexandrides, so out of curiosity I called them and booked a consultancy. I was put at ease the moment I walked into his office, he was so kind and gentle and explained everything to me in a very kind, mild, and professional manner. At first I was extremely nervous about having it done but once again Dr Alexandrides assured me that nothing would go wrong and it would be okay and that it was a very simple procedure to do, and that he would be performing the procedure himself.

I, in turn, took his word for it and booked to have the procedure done. His patient co-ordinator took charge of all of the paperwork and made all the necessary arrangements and there was after-care to be arranged.

Upon my arrival, I was very gently ushered into the main waiting room whereupon I was called by the nurse and I followed her to the preparation room. Dr Alexandrides came into the surgery and he started to talk to me, all the while a radio was playing just to help make me more at ease.

Dr Alexandrides told me that I would feel a very small pinch it was quick on the first initial injection he then slowly after the anaesthetic took hold started to move slowly but surely moved along the incision area injecting more anaesthetic. I was told I would feel a very slight pressure as I did and otherwise there was no pain of any description and when the fatty tissue was removed it was then cauterised in the most professional way that I imagine.

He then moved to the left eye and in the same professional manner continued with the procedure on the left eye and again I felt no pain. I can honestly say I felt no pain at all apart from the initial injection. After the procedure had been finished I think I went into a minor state of shock where the nurse immediately made me tea biscuits to recuperate.

Needless to say after a few days with due respect to the body being invaded the way it had been, there was inevitably bruising. It appeared around the eyes but soon dispersed and left quite a remarkable change, but after about a week I had to have the plaster removed and the sutures removed which was a very interesting method of doing sutures the method is called subcutaneously which when the sutures are removed leaves no telltale signs at all absolutely brilliant.

After the bruising around my eyes had dissipated sufficiently enough for me to be able to wear make up the final result was absolutely amazing. Having the procedure done I think in my case most probably was the best decision I have made in my life, it has made my face look much much younger and it has opened up my eyes and I can actually feel that my eyes have opened up.

All the staff, nurses and consultant surgeons at 111 Harley St. were extremely helpful and I am thinking of having further surgery and I have absolutely no doubt that should I have surgery I will have Dr Alexandrides to do the procedures he is absolutely fantastic brilliant and terrific what else can one say.

Thank you so much for all your help in doing this procedure.”

Breast Enlargement

“Before: 34A
After: 34DD

From the moment I walked into 111 Harley St. for my first consultation I was made to feel very welcome. I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss any questions. My mum was particularly worried about me undergoing surgery and was a little demanding. However, Dr Alexandrides was very understanding throughout-which I really appreciated. I was then given the chance to try different sizes on. Dr Alexandrides ultimately left the decision to me to make, but he did give his opinion without being overly forceful.

Throughout the run-up to the operation, I emailed with questions which were always answered quickly and thoroughly!

On the day of the operation, I was very nervous. The hospital was clean – if a little basic and the nurses were very friendly. Dr Alexandrides came in to discuss and confirm the details of what was going to happen. There was a little wait (roughly 2 hours) and then I was whisked off to surgery – obviously, I don’t recall much from this point!! Following my surgery, Dr Alexandrides went to see my mum let her know that all went well and that I would be back in the room soon, I know my mum was very grateful for this and personal touches like this really made a huge difference to my experience.

During my recovery I kept in touch with the nurses at 111, they were very helpful throughout and would call to check that all was going well-which it was. The next step was to have my stitches removed and again, this was approached with friendliness and professionalism throughout. One thing I would say doesn’t underestimate the recovery process – I did! The first few hours you won’t feel much because of the painkillers, however day 2- 7 are very painful – so make sure you have someone with you at all times!

Overall I had a great experience at 111 and I would definitely recommend them to friends. I am so happy with the result as 111 provided me with exactly what I had asked for – fuller, natural looking boobs! I can’t thank the team enough. ” H.P.

Breast Enlargement

“I first contacted 111 Harley St. because I was unhappy with my breasts and I lacked confidence. Being a patient of this clinic was amazing: I was treated really well and given time, attention and care. I have had an overall increase in body confidence. My body is more in proportion and I am happier than I thought I would ever be with my breasts. I would definitely recommend 111 Harley St. to my family and friends.” S.S

Breast Reduction

“Generally very happy – both with experience + result. Dr Yannis is clearly very skilled.” J.T

PROCEDURE: General Services

“I have always trusted Dr Yannis’ advice, and felt that he has been guided by my best interest.

I have recommended him to several of my friends who are as impressed by his professionalism and ethics as I have been” T.R.

General Services

“Having been expertly and sensitively looked after by Mr Alexandrides for the past 12 years for both invasive and non-invasive procedures. I have always been delighted with the results and by the level of excellent customer care I receive both from Mr Alexandrides personally and his superb team at 111 Harley St. Not only do I trust and value the way every procedure is careful, expertly explained and outlined for me. I have the ultimate confidence in the safety, accuracy and aftercare of any procedure that I have experienced with Mr Alexandrides  – so much so that I have and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the services provided at 111 Harley St. to personal friends, who I am delighted to say express the same levels of satisfaction that I do. My sincere thanks and appreciation for all that you do.” David Evans

Labia Reduction

“It is always difficult to trust new people and much more difficult to trust people who’re going to cut you open. But you guys made it easy. Thank you for making this experience much more safe and good. You were very nice and a total pro.”  T.K.

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

I had my Rhinoplasty operation performed by Surgeon Yannis Alexandrides.

I believe that I have the responsibility to write a review as my experience has been absolutely 100% positive. Everything from the result to the healing (me writing this about eight weeks post surgery): thanks to Dr Yannis (and the simple guidelines given by 111 Harley St.), my operation and healing process was a piece of cake compared to years of unhappiness with having a nose that I could never really accept or come to terms with.

I used painkillers for less than a week and only had discomfort two days post surgery – though not pain as such.

My ‘new nose’ was not shown in 3D as some surgeons would, and I am pleased about this. The result is genuine and realistic, and Dr Yannis looks at your face and its proportions before anything else.

Special thanks to the patient coordinator. She is efficient, friendly, honest and very good at answering questions and guiding.

At last, thanks to the nurses at 111 Harley St. and the nurses at the hospital as well.

I love my new nose, best investment I have ever made.

Thank you,


Nose Reshaping

“It is quite daunting to put yourself into the hands of others with a delicate procedure. I cannot emphasize as to how nurturing and kind all of the staff & Dr Yannis himself has been. They’ve alleviated every concern of mine & really made me feel like a valued client/patient.  A very passionate & compassionate service all around.  R.V.

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

“Usually when people read reviews they think that the doctor might have told the patient to write a review. However, with all honesty I believe that it was my duty to write a review to such an amazing doctor! It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I was scared it was going to hurt or it would not look as I would want it to. Of course like any curious patient I took a look at Google and YouTube. Thanks to Dr Yannis, my operation and healing process was totally different. It was quick, I had barely any bruising and I did not use any painkillers. I looked amazing for someone coming out of surgery, my profile was to die for even with the splint on! Dr Yannis is amazing, he is an artist, he looks at the proportion of the face and decides what should be done. He doesn’t simply follow a basic technique like most doctors. What he believes is not a necessity, he will not do. He will explain to you everything step by step in detail in his consults and you begin to really love and trust him which is important. I would recommend him over and over again. Besides him being wonderful, the nurses are amazing too! When taking my splint off she was not rough or in a hurry. They really give you your time and treat you so well. Such a professional team of lovely people. Thank you 111 Harley St.” H.A

Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty)

“Dr Alexandrides was Absolutely Fantastic. Throughout, very professional, Approachable + Calming. Wonderful service + I am incredibly happy with the result – Thank You So Much!” D.C

PROCEDURE: Nose Tip Refinement

“I would like to give  Dr Alexandrides a big thank you for making me feel better about myself and be very good to me with his service. I am very happy with the work he carried out.”  K.M.


“I had an open tip Septorhinoplasty done with Dr Yannis Alexandrides and cannot emphasise enough how happy I am with the results and the care I was given.
I had previously had the same operation with a different surgeon and the results were, in my mind, shockingly poor.
At my consultation, I felt at ease and the patient coordinator greeted me and thoroughly explained everything. Dr Yannis inspected my nose and what was wrong. I couldn’t breathe at all through one side of my nose and there was asymmetry to the shape, a bulbous tip and a slight bump which he said he could fix but I needed to be realistic and not expect perfection. He also explained what would suit my face and what wouldn’t.
When I arrived at the hospital I had lovely nurses who tried to put me at as much ease as possible but having been through the operation before I knew what to expect. Dr Yannis came and talked through the operation and my expectations again which really helped as it’s a scary feeling when you know you’re about to change your face almost irreversibly.
I woke up after the operation in very little discomfort. Dr Yannis came to talk through the operation and explained it took a lot longer than expected because there was a lot of scar tissue from my previous operation. The anaesthetist said it was because he was a perfectionist which was both amusing but very reassuring.
You feel very comfortable with Dr Yannis and he makes you feel like a person and not just another number on his operation list.
He actually rang me from abroad on a weekend to reassure me because I was worried about a lump which was actually just part of the scar healing. Dr Yannis was not obligated to at all and yet I was treated with great importance.
After having a horrible result from my previous operation I was very wary of who to see to fix it but Dr Yannis felt like the right choice and I am so happy with the results even though it isn’t even fully healed yet. It is perfectly contrary to what I was told to expect and my scar is healing very nicely. My breathing is almost normal again but there is still some swelling yet to go.
Revision surgery is a difficult operation and requires great skill. Dr Alexandrides has exceeded my expectations after I was devastated thinking I had been left forever with bad breathing and a poor aesthetic result.
I don’t think the words convey just how grateful I am but Thank You.” Zahra


“The Nurse was very relaxing and reassuring for my treatment. She was extremely thorough and I felt very confident with her. She explained everything in detail and continued during the treatment, so I was very clear in what to expect. I would definitely recommend Sarah as she very professional and also I felt that she was a very experienced Practitioner. The reason why I had the treatment on my cheeks, jawline and temple, was because I felt like I needed a lift and wanted something that would last longer than just a filler. A few people have already commented on my appearance, saying that my skin looks amazing, and they want to also have the treatment. Thermage is not a pain-free treatment, but very bearable as the machine can be turned up or down at any time, as it is more sensitive in certain areas. I highly recommend the treatment and will definitely do this again in the future.” C.C.

Tummy Tuck

“My surgeon explained everything in detail of what he was going to do and how that would help me get a flat tummy which was my goal. I never expected to achieve such great results! I woke up from the anaesthesia in a lot of pain, however, it was managed quickly by the hospital staff. Within 3 hours I was calm, pain-free, with the best-looking tummy ever. Better than what it was before I had children! I really could not believe it! Hospital nurses provided me with great care and were very helpful in answering any questions I had. That same night the nurse helped me get up and from then on I was able to do it myself. Next morning I got myself dressed with no help and went home. I can honestly say I had very little pain, in fact, it was more like a very tight feeling. Definitely not pain. I was up and about from the first day but would obviously get tired easily and laid in bed a lot. Overall I had an excellent experience, amazing results and I just want to say a huge thank you! I would highly recommend Dr Alexandrides, 111 Harley St. and the Riverside hospital.” Anonymous