Whether it’s for cosmetic or domestic reasons, not everyone is comfortable with larger breasts and often can want to invest in reducing their breast size.

What should we do after Breast Augmentation

How many sizes can you go down by in the surgery?

While each surgery and result differs, many women have experienced a reduction of at least 1 or 2 cup sizes. It does depend on the proportions of the rest of the body, but you can expect a natural-looking silhouette as a result.

*Do note that women with larger breast sizes can expect to decrease by several cup sizes.


What does the surgery entail?

Breast reduction surgery involves the reduction of breasts to create a natural, smaller and perkier size and shape. It involves our expert medical surgeons removing any unwanted breast tissue and fat as well as realigning the nipple and areola to a more elevated position. The surgery can also be combined with areola reduction, breast augmentation or a breast uplift to further enhance results.
We do say that every result is different and the best way to know your own personal outcome is to book in for a consultation to help tailor a decision.


What is removed during Breast Reduction surgery?

Typically you can expect unwanted fat, glandular tissue and loose skin to be removed and reduced during the surgery.

How much does weight reduction equate to?

The weight will be determined by the size of your breasts and the amount of tissue being removed. On a broad scale, you can expect between 450 – 600 grams, and for larger breasts, as much as 1kg can be expected to be removed.


What is the recovery process?

Your surgeon will provide you with the aftercare information that is relevant to your operation but generally we recommend a 2-6 week period for full recovery. During this time, you’ll be required to wear a support bra which you’ll be provided with by our clinic to help support and protect your breast during the period in which no exercise, harsh or huge movements are advised incase of advanced injury to the recovering breast tissue.
Be aware that your breasts will take a while to settle into their final shape, so we advise that you don’t buy any new bras until you know what your final shape will be.

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