Facial Treatments for Spring

Spring is just two days away and it already is starting to feel warmer and brighter. More hours of sunlight means that you can’t hide your face in the shadows of the darkness anymore. It’s time to come in to the light, and refresh your skin in time for Spring! The key to achieving a flawless canvas this spring is to hydrate, repair and exfoliate. Below, I list my essential Spring facial treatments that will revive your winter canvas:

Spring Treatments


To get your skin Spring-ready, you’ll want to shed the dull and dead layer of your skin that is masking your inner glow. The 111SKIN Micropen Treatment will encourage collagen production and speed up the rate in which your skin rejuvenates, making your skin look youthful and full of vitality. The indulgent treatment is the ideal pampering preparation and will help you to get over the tireless winter slump. With meticulous detail, the facial will attend to your winter skin needs such as: rehydration, evening out your complexion, brightening the skin and bringing back the plump and healthy texture.

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It may be nicknamed ‘The Vampire Facial’, but you don’t need to be afraid. The treatment takes your blood which is then spun and re-injected back into your face. Whilst this may sound horrifying, the process is relatively painless and the results have been said to far outweigh the gory part. Although it’s named the ‘vampire facial’, your skin will be anything but pale and lifeless!

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The gentle Clear+Brilliant treatment will complement your existing skincare routine and address skincare issues that you may be contending with such as uneven skin tone and a rough texture. The treatment can fit in with your busy schedule and you will begin to notice smoother and softer skin within just one week.

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